Sunday, December 12, 2010

pilgrims to the shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe, 1955

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Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

Here is something you might enjoy from December 11th, 2010 as we awaited the feast day:

Here is the story of one of her children:

I remembered you and your child in my rosary prayers at Tepeyac Hill on our Mother's feast day.

God be with you.


Badger Catholic said...

The new basilica is so.... well ugly. I wish they had a way to repair or stabilize the old church.

PaxetBonum said...

@Badger Cath- Dittos. THAT is what a real Catholic church should look like.

I'm interested in the Latin superscription over the facade. All I can make out is "NON FECIT TAL(?)...", and I think the last word is "... NATIONI". Does anyone know what the whole motto is, in Latin and/or English?

Anonymous said...

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Pennycake said...


Non fecit taliter omni nationi
He hath not done in like manner to every nation
Psalm 147:20

PaxetBonum said...

@Pennycake- Thx for the quote and translation.

An apt motto for the shrine of La Guadalupana. I wonder if it was carried over onto the "new" shrine?

Pennycake said...

You're most welcome =)
from this article date Dec 2002:
"Writing in 1688 Fray Francisco de Florencia coined the slogan that made Mexico not merely another chosen nation, but the Chosen Nation: non fecit taliter omni nationi (he did not act in such a way for every nation)--words which still adorn the portal of the basilica and shine in lights at night."