Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I know what guys want for Valentine's Day...

... for their wives & girlfriends to leave them the hell alone.

... c'mon ladies, it's not rocket science. Lower your expectations and be grateful you have a husband/boyfriend that is there for you the rest of the year, not just one Hallmark created day. I know am I.

... there it is, some friendly advice from one woman to the next. Leave men the hell alone this Valentine's Day. Your relationship will be the better for it.

*reposting from last year because good advice never goes out of date.
The Crescat will be MIA till Monday.


Tim A. Troutman said...

I'm emailing this to my wife right now.

Carolina Cannonball said...

Any man that marries a women that already has a child is a special kind of man that deserves ESPECIALLY to be left alone tomorrow.

Way too much pressure is put on men to 'perform' this ONE day a year. V Day destracts from the good they do all year, or should be doing.

I am venemently opposed to V Day.

Tom S. said...

Damn what a good woman you are!!! Your man is soooooo lucky!

Carolina Cannonball said...

Nope. I'm the lucky one. :-)

-C said...

This sounds just like a discussion my husband and I were having this evening.

It's so NOT about what happens on one day a year, but what happens on the other 364 that show you what sort of stuff your spouse is made of.

I, too, am a lucky, lucky woman. (And he made me a luscious and beautiful steak for dinner, anyway - with an amaretto torte for dessert!!!)

Mark Tan said...

Hmmm.... politically incorrect... =)

Jane said...

My husband is always happy to plan an outing for us on Valentine's Day. But perhaps that's because I don't have expectations about it.

Enbrethiliel said...



So true! =D

Mary Rose said...

Okay, Oh Wise One. I feel the same. However..

Yesterday I came home from work to be greeted by my very proud hubby happily handing me a Vday gift basket. Inside I was like, "AAARRGGH!! I THOUGHT YOU WEREN'T GETTING ME ANYTHING..." Outside I cooed and made over it because it was so sweet but I felt like a total slug for not having anything.

So. Guess where I'll be going after I type this? Yep. Something for him. He told me not to but I have to now!

Men! (said with complete adoration mixed with wonder and amusement.)

Jeanne said...

I sent this post to my husband, he loved it!!!

qualcosa di bello said...

brilliant advice for a commercial holiday!! (men of the world are thanking you)

i went on retreat at a cistercian monastery...hubby came along. i'll take that over roses that die any ol' day