Thursday, March 20, 2008

2008 catholic blogger awards... whoopity doo... I didn't win any Catholic Blogger Awards this year, for the 4 year running... not that I'm counting mind you. I was, however; nominated for several categories, a fact I wasn't aware of till Mr. Miller slandered me.

Does it bother me that I've been nominated in the funniest category for 3 years straight and have never gotten more then 26 votes? Does it bother me that the only comments I get are someone correcting my spelling or ignorance (*cough* Jill/Simple Sinner)? Should I be discouraged from blogging simply because no one else in this entire blog-o-sphere is sardonic enough to understanding my complicated and stylized wit?

Not at all. I congratulate all the winners. You must be very proud winning a blog contest that doesn't matter... that doesn't matter to me, I mean. *wink*

Funny, I don't recall reading any campaign promises from the candidates but I wonder what the winners plan to do with their new titles of authority. What can we expect from our elected officials...

Protection from Protestant commenters? No more images of liturgical dancers and felt banners? Promises that no more Catholic blogs will be banned in China?

...I thought so. I reiterate, whoopity doo.

*This message was approved by all 2008 Catholic Blog Awards losers.


Angela M. said...

I boycott the awards. (probably because I have never been nominated boo hoo!)

ken88 said...

At least you were nominated! I got ughatz!

Carolina Cannonball said...

How can you not be nominated. Is outrage!

You are nominated for Best Visual Treat in the Cannonball 2008 Awards!

Now bask in the glow.

A Simple Sinner said...

Apparently Per Christum was nominated in three fields... When I went to vote, I didn't see us there... But we got a few votes, so I must have just overlooked it I guess.

Father Z seriously just needs his own category: Blogger with the most and best mobilized fan base.


steve said...

Those awards are for and by a clique of blogs and their groupies. C'mon...American Papist one of the funniest blogs? I would rather see Father Z win all the categories that wanna-be professional Catholics like Mark Shea.

Anonymous said...

Hey, i just discovered your blog and i think you are, as one of your sidebar thingys states: HIFREAKINLARIOUS.

Thom said...

Steve, I'd buy you a pint for that one.

Groupies indeed.

I wonder how many people have little Father Z shrines in their closets with bits of his hair and red and black poems?


Roman Sacristan said...

This post was worth it just for the picture. ROTFLMAO

Brian Michael Page said...

CC - I have two new categories for you:

Best Hifreakinlarious Blog


Best Batshit Crazy Blog
(you may have to compete with Fr. Erik - the Orthometer - for this one, however) :-)

Peace and a happy Easter!

Carolina Cannonball said...

BMP... how could i neglect those categories?! Outrage!

I will remedy it 1st thing Monday.

Thom, stay out of my closet, you stalker!

Thom said...

I'm sorry I stole the hair bits (and whatever was in that Mason jar), but it's going for quite a lot on eBay.