Wednesday, July 23, 2008


..."Gluttony is the mother of lust, the nourishment of evil thoughts, laziness in fasting, obstacle to asceticism, terror to moral purpose, the imagining of food, sketcher of seasonings, unrestrained colt, unbridled frenzy, receptacle of disease, envy of health, obstruction of the (bodily) passages, groaning of the bowels, the extreme of outrages, confederate of lust, pollution of the intellect, weakness of the body, difficult sleep, gloomy death."
-Evagrius Ponticus

Bosch, Seven Deadly Sins & Four Last Things.


Tim A. Troutman said...

This is something I've been struggling with and struggling to understand. Coming from a Protestant background - I had no concept of gluttony as a sin. In fact it is the root of many other sins (in addition to itself being sinful).

We are bombarded with so much worldly fanfare these days that gluttony seems almost inevitable in one way or another.

It takes fasting to beat gluttony. But gluttons have a hard time fasting.

I have noticed that I have become increasingly gluttonous as I grow older.

Carolina Cannonball said...

Gluttony is the root of all sin, it was no small coincidence that when Christ was tempted by the Devil he was temped with this sin 1st. After 40 days of fasting he was tempted to turn stones into food.

We come from similar backgrounds where gluttony and fasting were virtually ignored so its a concept I struggle with too.

Simply, gluttony is self indulgence, anything where we are the center of our selves breeds sin. Self denial is the only way to empty ourselves of ourselves and this is best acheived through fasting.

Its a shame there is so little emphasis on this in Catholicsm anymore.

onionboy said...

Hi Tim, former protestant minister of 20 years here (Tiber Swim Class of Jan 2006). Not sure which edition of the bible only you were reading from as a protestant :) but gluttony is a sin is clearly addressed in the bible. It may be that gluttony had no emphasis in your individual protestant sect - which, if nothing else, shows again the weakness of the sola scriptura position where there is no authoritative teaching voice and the individual, person, denomination, pastor, etcetera is left to place the emphasis (or lack there of) where ever they choose.

Gluttony is arguably the most ignored sin (though clearly listed in scripture) because, I think, so many Christians (including leaders) are, well, gluttons. It's much easier to speak of the evils of lust and porn and stealing and whatever over a third helping of pie and coffee at 11:40 PM than it is to mention gluttony ;-)

Next in line to gluttony is gossip and that kind of speaks for itself.

Tim A. Troutman said...

You're totally right onionboy.

Charlie said...

I've always thought that Pride was the root of all other sins?

But I certainly agree that gluttony is too often ignored.

Carolina Cannonball said...

gluttony is the epitome self indulgence which leads to pride, the preoccupation with self.

Charlie said...

Ah. This is what I was looking for. I discovered a book called "A Tour of the Summa" at the used book store in my town. This is basically a condensed version of the Summa of St. Thomas Aquinas:

Ia IIae, Vices and Sins, Qq. 71-89:

"Pride as an inordinate desire to excel (not the pride which is an actual contempt of God or an inclination to this contempt), is back of the primal covetousness. Pride is therefor the beginning of all sins. Man wants goods or rices to ave some perfection by possessing them, or some excellence, or some outstanding quality, or some notable enjoyment. Thus, while covetousness is the root of evil, pride is the beginning of sins."

This book was produced by TAN. I don't know if it's still in circulation, but I've found it to be enormously helpful and easy to use. I recommend looking for it, as an excellent addition to any Catholic home.

Carolina Cannonball said...

my picture with me and the bishop can beat up your picture with you & the bishop. hows that for pride. ;-P

I would like to emphasize that gluttony is the mother of LUST.

Charlie said...

Did I mention how awesome I think you are? XD

Carolina Cannonball said...

I thought that was an understood truth.

onionboy said...

Wouldn't *that* be pride? ;-)

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