Sunday, August 24, 2008

Catholics love their kitsch...


... but this, wow.


Thom said...

Ummmm... tacky?


Less dignity than a church in the round!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful!
I want to build my chapel like that.
Wonderful depiction of the Chuch Triumphant.

Anonymous said...

Yeeeeeah, kitsch at it's finest.

WhollyRoamin'Catholic said...

Is that someone's home... or a church supply store?

Carolina Cannonball said...

lol.. church supply store. No its an altar at franciscan retreat center... to remain unamed.

Thom said...

"Shady Pines Home for Blind Franciscans?"

Charles said...

My daughter's gave me the ultimate for my birthday in July:

Fill the mug with hot water, the crucifix in His hand morphs into a straight razor and his beard is shorn smooth as a baby's bottom.
I'll try to send you a video.

Carolina Cannonball said...

charles, i love it.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with that sanctuary?
I think that it lends itself quite nicely to prayerful meditation.
Also it appears that this Franciscan retreat center offers the Mass ad-orientem.
I am building a chapel and hope to appoint the "sanctum sanctorum" as such.
God bless you

Carolina Cannonball said...

well dan... every heard of the KISS rule? ;-P

Anonymous said...

Mrs Cannonball,
No what is the KISS rule?

Coffee Catholic said...

I LOVE IT but I wouldn't want to have to do the dusting.

eulogos said...

It doesn't seem more ornate with statuary than Eastern rite and Orthodox churches are with icons.
The church where I became a Catholic had a lot of pastel statues. At first they looked very tacky to me but later I felt as if they were my friends. I have a picture-two pictures-of the sanctuary of that church on the walls of my cubicle right now. One I have annotated by taping on to it the question "If God seems far away, who moved?" to remind me of the fervor of my conversion, and of all the good that God gave me in prayer before that tabernacle. I would far rather have too many pastel plaster statues than the "suburban living room" sanctuary empty of anything devotional. I admit that I prefer icons...but these statues are our icons in the Western Church; they are stylized in a different style, but the purpose is the same, to place the worshipper in the presence of the saint, of the holiness of the saint. This is a visual representation of "He has compassed us round with such a cloud of witnesses, " of "with angels and archangels and the whole company of heaven." (Forgive the Anglican language; I have been to the Anglican Use lately which revived those phrases in my mind.)

I think you should rethink your "Hilfreakinlarious" .
Susan Peterson

Carolina Cannonball said...

the purpose of statues does differ from Icons. Staues represent a saint, icons are windows to heaven were the saint is physically presented. There a presentation of the holy, not a representation.

I dont like blank auditorium style churches with modern decor either. I believe of churches need show us heavenly beauty to keep us focused... problem with this is I don't where to focus there's so much going on.

I thnk the flowered wall border and chandeliers are what make it hireakinlarious. So the tag stays.

Hey, if everyone always agreed with me, or vice versa, what fun would that be? :-)

kired said...

KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid