Wednesday, August 20, 2008


... you might have a problem hoarding if you have to rent a PODS to hold all your crap.

It's a new suburban trend. Rent a PODS and sit it in your front yard so all your neighbors can see that you have so many possessions not even your McMansion can contain them all.


Jennifer Zandstra said...

So I'm not the only one that's noticed that nonsense >:(

Mary Rose said...

Those things are ugly. It's like having a deluxe Port-O-Let sitting in front of your house. How stupid.

Since I'm fresh from a major move, myself, I only can say one thing.

Purge, people! If it can't fit in the house, is it really of any use? Sheesh.

John said...

I think the idea is that you fill up a container and they take it away. It doesn't stay in your yard once it's full of stuff.

So when your garage is full of junk you haven't used in two years because you can't get to it, can't find it, forgot you bought it, etc., you rent a PODS, fill it up, and they store it in some big warehouse.

Then your junk is really accessible! Haven't these people ever heard of yard sales?


Ellyn said...

Our neighbors across the street had one for sooo long...but I think the neighborhood association coerced them into removing it. (For once I'm on the neighborhood associations side.)Although, when the family is badly on my nerves, I have threatened to have a POD delivered and move into it!