Thursday, August 21, 2008

when you're loved...

... I have such understanding men in my life, my son being one of them.

This morning I made banana pancakes for breakfast. It was a disaster. The batter was too runny and the pancakes wouldn't cook in the middle while the outsides burned. My son eyed his banana pancake surprise suspiciously but was willing to tempt fate by eating my cooking. He took a bite, grimaced and suggested it needed more butter and lots of syrup. When toppings couldn't salvage my attempts at culinary motherhood he just smiled at me and said cold cereal was his favorite breakfast anyway.

We shared a good laugh over a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

... sometimes we don't have to try so hard. When you're truly loved just being yourself is enough.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Boy.
God bless him

Lola said...

The Boy is a prince!

When my pancake batter is too runny we call 'em crepes!
(I make hotcakes like Lisa on Green Acres otherwise...)

Owen said...

Amen, there are still a few good men among us,.