Tuesday, October 21, 2008

dumb ass conservatives...

... Can you imagine the out cry if the media ever dare to describe Obama's supporters as "less educated". Then why has it become acceptable to continuously refer to McCain's supporters in such an insulting manner?

Just like a liberal; if you don't agree with their propaganda they result to bullying juvenile name calling... "Stupid conservative, too ignorant to know any better. Less educated dumb ass."

In the closet... McCain supporters that is.

I don't think the cult of Obama is as huge as the media would like us all to swallow. I think the numbers at Obama rally's are greatly inflated. The media likes to play with numbers, ever read the secular reporting on Pro-Life rallies? I do not believe we are the vast minority. There are more supporters for McCain than the 'polls' are reporting.

Conservatives are just in hiding. Who really wants to constantly be referred to as less educated or even worse, racist.


Tim said...

If you are on Facebook you should join the group I just started this morning after getting fed up with all the Obamessiah horse hockey! It is the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy group. T-shirts to follow!

Cody... said...

They'd better all come out of hiding and vote, then.

a thorn in the pew said...

YEAH!!!! That.

Matthias said...

"There are more supporters for McCain than the 'polls' are reporting. "

Exact samething Ron Paul supporters said back in the primary. One can see where that got him : ( .