Thursday, October 30, 2008

a historic election...

... historic because this has been the most shameful election in history.

Michelle Obama is finally proud of her country... she is proud her husband and his party are resorting to every -ism in the book. Ageism, sexism, racism, socialism, elitism and barbarism.
Yes, the Obama's are prideful.


The democratic party has mocked the working class, the class they claim to represent. They tried to publicly destroy one working class man with a family simply because he dare question Obama's Socialist tendencies. Elitism.

They mocked Palin's wardrobe and try to discredit her by making her nothing more than a pretty face. At every turn during this election they've called into question Palin and Clinton based solely on their sex. Sexism.

McCain has been repeatedly called senile and erratic. He is not fit to lead the country because he'll drop dead any minute, they claim. That thinking right shows liberals lack of respect for life in general. The aged are no good to society and do not deserve to hold jobs or positions of leadership. Ageism.

Democrats have even resorted to suggesting that those who do not support their candidate are racists. If Obama does not become our next president it is because America is a racist nation. Racism.

Only the uneducated are voting for McCain. The college educated are voting for Obama. More elitism.

Spread the wealth. Total government control over health care. Total government control period. Eradication of any form of dissent. Socialism.

Abortion on demand, even for minors and without their parent's knowledge. Infanticide. Babies surviving abortions left to die. BARBARISM.

Yes, history indeed. We have the most racist, sexist, ageist, elitist, BARBARIC Socialist candidate on the ballot in the entire history of this country.


Anonymous said...

All those "ism's" can be summed up in one ism--obamaism. And if they are so proud of America--then why does obama place his hands over his balls at the national anthem--instead of his heart?

Adrienne said...

Ok Tara - I know this is serious but that just cracked me up....

Mark in Spokane said...

Well put!

Seriously, if Obama wins, it will not be good news for this country. Socialism and Planned Parenthood fanaticism. That's not a winning recipe for national success...

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Outstanding CC!

Don't forget he also plans a civilian national security force. (Sounds like Brownshirts to me.)

Nadja Magdalena said...

I really love that you put the Hitler photo with this post, Cat...I have been telling folks that Obama is going to turn the democratic party into the American National Socialist party. People just don't see the parallels.