Wednesday, October 01, 2008

poor blog...

... I'll update you real soon, promise.

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Mary Rose said...

I'm so happy that Blogger has this "blogs I'm following" linky-thing. (see how much of a "techie" I am?) You're on my list and I keep looking at it to see when it will change from "web design..." Well, I finally noticed it today, which explains why I answer to the term of endearment, "Hey, bubblebrain!"

Can I bamboozle the combox, or what?!!

By the way, I was thinking I'd see something from you about St. Theresa of Lisieux. I count on you to inform me about the saints, ya know. (You and New Advent, that is.) But no worries. I surf the net like a crazy woman for Catholic stuff.

Hope you're doing well nonetheless. :-)