Thursday, October 23, 2008

single issue voter...

... Terry's a single issue voter. Good for him! So am I.
We should all be single issue voters because the only issue of any great significance is life.

I am dumb founded how anyone can possibly reconcile within their conscience a comparison between losing your pension, a globally warm earth or murdering an infant? Their is absolutely no comparison.

Maybe the economy is in shambles because we've been aborting tens of thousands future workers annually since Roe v. Wade... babies that would have grown to be contributing tax paying members of society, paying into Social Security and boosting the economy. Just a thought.

We've done this to ourselves.

By placing priority on our personal comforts and "rights" we've destroyed ourselves as a nation internally from inside out. We do have the right to deal with the consequence of our actions. We do not have the right to act irresponsibly and then murder a child in-utero as a result. Period.

This is not a "right". It is murder. It is not an issue of "choice" or "rights".

I am very deeply sorry for the morally depraved individual who can not accept that fact or simply refuses to believe it is the only single issue of utmost importance on the ballot this election.

On the issue of life alone there is legitimate justification to vilify Obama.
He deserves no more respect than he is willing to give to the unborn.
He is an evil ugly man who deserves our pity and prayers not our votes.


Adrienne said...


babs said...

Couldn't agree more!

karyn said...

the murder of one infant can never equate to the collapse of the entire economy or even huge losses in Iraq or Afghanistan. Those children will judge the souls of those whose votes had led directly to their deaths.

John said...

Thank you.

Tom S. said...

Damn you're good....

And exactly, precisely, and completely correct!!

USMC 9971 said...

I agree completely, but the opposition will disregard your premise. To them, it is not a child in utero. They have seized the language and turned that child into a fetus; something that they are able to define as anything but a human being.

We need to fight for life first and foremost, but we also need to seize the language back. As long as they can present legal opinions based upon semantics, the courts will accept those arguments based upon the modern definitions that they have created.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

short, sweet and to the point, brilliant.