Thursday, October 09, 2008

The twelfth degree of humility ...

...The twelfth degree of humility is that a monk not only have humility in his heart but also by his very appearance make it always manifest to those who see him. That is to say that whether he is at the Work of God, in the oratory, in the monastery, in the garden, on the road, in the fields or anywhere else, and, whether sitting, walking or standing he should always have his head bowed and his eyes toward the ground. Feeling the guilt of his sins at every moment he should consider himself already present at the dread Judgment and constantly say in his heart what the publican in the Gospel said with his eyes fixed on the earth, "Lord, I am a sinner and not worthy to lift up my eyes to heaven" (Luke 18:13; Matt. 8:8); and again with the Prophet: "I am bowed down and humbled everywhere" (Ps. 37[38][38]:7,9; 118:107).


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