Sunday, November 01, 2009

did you know...

...visiting a cemetery and praying for the dead during the Octave of All Saints' Day, November 1 through November 8, will gain a plenary indulgence that can be applied to the souls in purgatory.



Roman Sacristan said...

Remember for the plenary indulgence you also have to:
1) receive Holy Communion (ideally on the same day)
2) go to Confession (within a week before or after the act)
3) say an Our Father and a Hail Mary for the intentions of the Pope
4) be free of all attachment to sin

However, you can gain a plenary indulgence for a soul in purgatory each day of the octave. And you only need to go to confession once during that time. However, you would need to receive Communion, pray for the pope, and visit the cemetary each day to gain an indulgence each day.

Roman Sacristan said...

Otherwise the indulgences will only be partial. Still, any help for the poor souls is good help.

Dean said...

From my understanding, you can gain the plenary indulgence each day in the octave. Would make a lot of people in purgatory very happy if you did.

Lola said...

A very good charity.

Anonymous said...

Can the prayer be said at a protestant cemetary?