Tuesday, November 04, 2008

God's calling...

... I wonder about this "calling" to vocations we hear about when one is discussing their discernment process. If we are "called" by our baptism vows what is there to discern really? At what point does discernment just become self absorption?


Roman Sacristan said...

Don't confuse the universal call to holiness with the call to the evangelical councels and/or the priesthood. We are all called to holiness by our Baptismal vows, but not everyone is called to poverty, chastity, and obedience or the priesthood.

Or in another way, some are called to follow the commandments (ie marriage or single lay state) and others are called to follow the councels (ie religious life and/or the priesthood).

Discernment becomes the process in which we determine what way will best lead us to holiness ... or maybe it's better to say a better holiness.

Berenike said...

Thank you, thank you! Navel-gazing, does me nut.

My former co-blogger, now a novice in one of the more respected religious houses in the UK, was at some "come and see" type weekend. In the kitchen of an evening, one of the other participants said "So, does anyone feel cauld?" "Er, well, not really, I expect it's being Scots, we're used to it" says f. c.-b.

Blank looks.

Blank mind of f. c.-b.

Realisation. 'Ah, called."