Monday, November 10, 2008

no seriously, people....

... in case you didn't hear me before; we are (insert expletive) doomed.


Anonymous said...

We must always be joyful knowing that God wins in the end.

Joy is one of the marks that we are: One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.

We do not have to be happy with the evil in the world, but we must be joyful that Christ died and Rose from the dead so that if we individually follow Him and His Church faithfully..WE WILL ENTER HEAVEN.

Nothing can change that.
We are not doomed if we die with sanctifying grace in our souls.
We must be joyful in that fact.

Thomas Shawn said...

"Many of the about 250 Guantanamo detainees are cleared for release, but the Bush administration has not able been to find a country willing to take them"

They will sprung free into the U.S.A.

I'm striving to be Roman Catholic first and American a distant second.

Paul Nichols said...

Hey, at least I awarded you a Premio Dardos!

Lynne said...

Some day within the next four years, I fully expect us to have the three days of darkness.

Have a nice day!