Thursday, November 20, 2008

oh, the economy...

... Quite frankly I am sick of hearing, reading and discussing the economy. Our nation has been exposed for the greedy materialistic and hedonistic giant that it is... "single issue" voting a socialist dictator into the white house because the economy is all those voters seemed to care about. Don't let them fool you with that tripe mantra 'yes we can' and their claims to have voted for the furher based on his empty promises... they voted for their own self interests reflected in the economy. Period.

Liberals and Washington alike gnash and wail about our wounded economy and people are suddenly finding themselves dining out less and clipping coupons... oh, the humanity...oops, I mean; oh, the economy! The economy having now trumped the value of humanity, might as well get the phrase right.

Chances are if you are reading this right now, you are not destitute and blogging from inside your cardboard box by the dumpster behind the KFC.

Consider yourself blessed.

Here is what has resulted from our floundering economy; family's dining in together over home cooked meals, a concerted effort to take care of the possessions we own instead of throwing them away at the first sign of wear, a more responsible and less wasteful attitude in general, and lastly... the realization that our children won't die and Christmas will still come with only one or two presents under the tree! Imagine!

Maybe those crazy Franciscans were on to something after all, with their unabashed love and embrace of poverty. If you have nothing than you never live in fear of losing it. You never become hostage to your material wealth, but instead live truly free.


Adrienne said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

In case it doesn't show up, I expounded on this, too (and linked to you in the process) here.

We are the richest poor country I've ever heard of. Only here do poor people still manage to have cell phones and cars. *sigh*

Owen said...

To put a touch of humour in this very serious and sorry matter listen to the song My Cardboard Box by one of my long time favourite recording artists Terry Scott Taylor various band configurations

When the page loads you can select that song from the music thingy on the right of the page.

Dust I Am said...

I'm glad you said this--for me. It reminds me of my Dad (who died 30 years ago) who always told my anxious Mother not to worry--we had our health, a warm place to sleep at night, and enough food to eat.

Thom Curnutte said...

Even if one has a lot, one can still be poor. The crux of Franciscan poverty is Holy Poverty- the elusive Lady Poverty that Francis courted his whole post-conversion life. Holy Poverty is having no attachment to one's possessions, and gladly, actively giving them away. And, I think even more importantly, it is the holy action of not only giving one's "stuff" away, but not being too prideful to place yourself on their level, and not to prideful to rely on God and others to provide what you need, as well.

After all, Francis didn't throw away his goods at the lepers from a horse or a carriage-- he lowered himself into the gutter of their poverty, sickness, and humanity, and became himself as a leper.

That is Holy Poverty.

Nice post.

Angela M. said...

Sterling post, my dear! It's beautiful to see how you have grown spiritually.

Dymphna said...

I'm not sure if people voted in the interests of economy. Many people, like my mother are Yellow Dog Democrats. If the candidate is a Dem, they'll vote for him/her even if he's a fluffy Labradore Retriever. Others voted for Obama because he's half black. They thought (wrongly) that this will square the racial deal once and for all (it won't. Whites are still on the hook--sorry 'bout that. Others voted for Obama because they hate Republicans. And others voted for Obama because it was the cool thing to do or becuase the nice "activist" lady gave them a bottle of Thunderbird and a couple of dollars.