Thursday, November 13, 2008

place your all in Him who lacks nothing...

... media overload can cause some serious anxiety to set in, as well as having little or no hope at all for this nation and it's future. Compound to that the increasingly cryptic and vividly unsettling dreams I am plagued with.

Then I received this email...
You must guard your understanding from daydreams and thoughts of earthly things. You must completely free the inclination of your will from worldly cares and cling with all your being to the supreme true good with fervent love. You must keep your memory always lifted up and firmly anchored in that same true supreme good and only uncreated reality. In just this way your whole mind gathered up with all its powers and faculties in God, may become one spirit with him, in whom the supreme perfection of life is known to consist. This is the true union of spirit and love by which a man is made compliant to all the impulses of the supreme and eternal will, so that he becomes by grace what God is by nature.

At the same time it should be noted that in the very moment in which one is able, by God’s help, to overcome one’s own will, that is to cast away from oneself inordinate love or strong feeling, in other words so as to dare simply to trust God completely in all one’s needs, by this very fact one becomes so pleasing to God that his grace is imparted to one, and through that very grace one experiences that true love and devotion which drives out all uncertainty and fear and has full confidence in God. What is more, there can be no greater happiness than to place one’s all in him who lacks nothing.

So why do you still remain in yourself, where you cannot stay? Cast yourself, all of yourself, with confidence into God and he will sustain you, heal you and make you safe. If you dwell on these things faithfully within, they will do more to confer a happy life on you than all riches, pleasures and honors, and above all the wisdom and knowledge of this present deceitful world and its life, even if you were to excel in them all that ever lived.

-Saint Albert the Great, De Adhaerendo Deo.
Thanks, Dan. Interestingly enough, this is my patron saint for the year.


Angela M. said...

Then your other patron is St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and The Boy's is St. Francis Xavier Seelos :o)

Angela M. said...

Oops - FX Seelos is still a blessed - perhaps he can perform a miracle for The Boy and be sainted!