Friday, December 19, 2008

2009 Contest...

... In the spirit of the Ugliest Vestment Contest & the Catholic Kitsch Contest, I am taking your ideas into consideration for the next Crescat Contest.


Alipius said...

If it is supposed to be in the tradition of the two previous contests, what about "Hideous liturgical abuse (with photographic proof) contest"?

Lola said...

How about the stupid things people say about/belive about catholics?

But my money is on the ugliest church buildings.

kired said...


Carolina Cannonball said...

hmmm. Ugliest Church Buildings... I like.

ignorant redneck said...

Worst. Altar. Ever.

Carolina Cannonball said...

another good one, IR.

The Buffalo said...

Stolen (borrowed) from Anglo-Catholic Ruminations (, and the Terrible Tabernacle Contest (which I look at everytime I need a good laugh/cry/throwup a little in my mouth), I present:

* Awful Altars

* Sickening Stoles

* Idiotic Albs

* Terrible Tabernacles

* Sorry Statues

* Bad Banners

* Chintzy Chalices

* Hideous Hymns

* Pathetic Papal Appearances

* Monstrance Monstrosities

* Bone-headed Bishops

* Asinine Altar Cards

* Looney Liturgies

Carolina Cannonball said...

oooo.... looniest liturgy. Excellent ideas, Buffalo.

Sister Mary Martha said...

Bad Nativity sets. I think I saw a clown one.

Ellyn said...

I second the bad nativity sets. (I've seen one with snow men!)

Or how about a contest to see if people can tell the difference between some ugly modern churches and utilitarian public buildings and correctional institutions.