Tuesday, December 16, 2008

meet James...

... this is James. James is what happens when men are the spiritual heads of their household and lead their sons by example. James is what happens in the absence of altar girls, and other such none sense.


Anonymous said...

When I click on the Pope James link there is only a photo of the boy.
No story or commentary.

Am I doing something wrong?

Carolina Cannonball said...

Scroll down. There is a video underneath the photo. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

This is all that I see:
No video...dang!


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Pope James

Eight-year-old James Higgins has lofty goals for his life.

Video by J.M. Eddins, Jr.
Posted on April 11, 2008 12:11 PM | 1 blog reaction | Digg It

Comments (6)
I know this young man and his parents
and I attend the Tridentine Mass where
James serves as altar boy. what a great
family they are, especially as evidenced
by James' view of his faith, his life,
his goals, his sense of himself in all
aspects of life, definitely including

Owen said...

Fantastic. I went for my second time ever to a TLM two weeks ago and would have been there again but for my operation this past weekend. There were a number of young families so it may not be exactly a trend yet but something good is going on.

P.S. Not sure if I mentioned it but luminousmiseries is back.