Tuesday, December 09, 2008

today my patience is being tried...

... tried by the man with a mouth full of gold teeth and carved head to toe in pricey tattoos yet makes excuses each month why he can't pay his rent.

... tried by the resident who asked me to lie about the amount of her rent so she can get more money from a charity.

... tried by the woman who speaks perfect English when she has a complaint and suddenly no hablo englais when we ask her to remove the junk car from her yard for the third time this month.

... tried by the man that almost ran me off the road this morning while he sped by at 85 miles per hour on his cell phone.

I know. I know. Love others as you love yourself... but some people make it so damn hard?


Anonymous said...

Very frustrating! It's all about them, self-centered, and wanting to get something for nothing.

The "no hablo englais" wow, do I ever encounter that often.

Angela M. said...

Stop asking God to grant you patience - obviously He is giving you plenty of opportunity!

Carolina Cannonball said...

I wasn't. I was just saying my patience is being tried.

Mimi said...

Lord have Mercy.

Sometimes, it is hard to love ourselves too, which I'm sure is part of the lesson.


WhollyRoamin'Catholic said...

Jesus said we had to love our neighbors. He didn't say we had to be nice about it.

LarryD said...

What kind of cell phone goes 85 miles per hour?

All kidding aside, I pray you have a better day tomorrow!

Owen said...

This is remarkable. I hope you got a photo of the man riding his cell phone!

But seriously, man, all that sucks. Sorry to hear about that. I'd tell you to offer it up but then I'd become one of those damn people ;-)

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Matt said...

I can't help you with the 2nd or fourth trials but a "Notice to Perform" will have nearly miraculous impact on the 1st and 3rd trials.