Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ask Father Vasiliy...

Dear Father Vasiliy,

My best friend, who is a Protestant, recently gave me an icon which he purchased at a Roman Catholic bookstore. Can I use this icon in my worship? It is a reproduction of Rublev’s “Hospitality of Abraham.”

Worried in Waukegan
Dear Waukegan,

I am worried to be hearing that your best friend is this Protestant. But perhaps you were at one time Protestant, and merely converted to One, True, Holy and Catholic Faith ahead of friend. Clearly friend buying of this icon is good sign.

Anyway, icon written by Rublev is good icon. Take to church and ask priest to bless icon, and any contamination from Roman Catholic bookstore will be removed. And please to keep praying for this friend. Is pity friend could not be born Russian, of course, but convert Orthodox is better than no Orthodox at all. Usually.

—Father Vasiliy

Who said those Orthodox don't have a sense of humor?


kired said...

What if I ask an Orthodox priest for a blessing?

John (Ad Orientem) said...

WOW!! I am so glad I clicked on the source link. I was about to post an absolutely scathing comment on my own blog about that.

Under the mercy,

rightwingprof said...

That's hilarious!

Lvka said...

Who said those Orthodox don't have a sense of humor?

No one! Actually, feel free to visit my site, and view all the short little videos I have on my first page. :-) Hope You'll enjoy them!

Mimi said...

The Intrepid Editor and his lovely wife are friends of ours.

Mimi said...
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