Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gaze into my crystal ball...

... for 2009 I predict...


Terry's tell all book will be made into a motion picture staring Pauly Shore.

A new Catholic Cult will emerge, The Cult of Z, and declare all masses be said in Aramaic... because Latin is not extreme enough.

Mel Gibson will embrace Scientology

Fr. Erik will be declared a saint, despite his protests "...but I'm not dead yet!"

Lastly, I will receive the gift of bilocation and blog in two places at once.

There you have it. Be amazed. Of course, I am not nearly as clever as this guy.

Add your predictions. If there good enough maybe I'll post them above. maybe.


Terry Nelson said...

LOL! Whtever happened to Pauley Shore?

Adoro said...

The Recovering Dissident will become a Sister of St. Joseph and reform the community before they know what hit them.

Adrienne will adopt her cats.

Rainbow Sash will become its own pyramid scheme, much like Scientology, and start a "religious war".

kired said...

The Crescat will win every blog award in 2009.

bethalice said...

Ah, but isn't there already a Cult of Z?