Tuesday, January 27, 2009


... not the bad ones, which I possess in magnitude, but the ones nuns wear. Or used to. Whatever.

Fr. Longenecker did a cheeky little post listing the pros and cons of wearing a cassock. So I decided to list the pros and cons of wearing a habit. Or the pros and cons as perceived by me; some one who has never worn a habit. Remember I am not a real nun, I only play one on the Internet. hhhmmm. That could be applied to a few blogs... I am not a real pope, I only play on the Internet. I am not a real Catholic... you get the idea. Yes, I behave spitefully when ill.

Where was I, oh yes...

1. I look fabulous in black
2. I'd never again have to ask "whatever shall I wear today?!"
3. color sorting laundry is a non issue
4. You can pack for trips in 5 minutes
5. Wimples and veils can disguise a bad hair day
6. You can hide fire arms in there
7. or smuggle baked goods
8. food stains blend in with a black one
9. one size fits all
10. and lastly, men will look at your face when talking to you

1. you can't vamp up a habit with kitten heel pumps
2. people will stop you and probably ask stupid questions
3. like "are you in a cult?"
4. or "are Catholics Christians?"
5. say good-bye to evening wear
6. that's a lot of fabric to iron
7. the veil gets caught in everything
8. that's a lot of fabric to trip over
9. or get snagged on something
10. and wearing one won't give you powers of flight.

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peggy38 said...

The only reason men would look at your face when they were talking to you is because they are concentrating so hard trying to imagine what you look like under all that fabric!

There is no escape really. I just hope that real nuns command enough respect for who they are to avoid the problem of men and their imaginations all together ;-)