Tuesday, January 27, 2009

hiss.spit.growl meme...

... how about those annoying self indulgent meme's, like the 25 random things meme going around... ooooo I am so fascinating; read 25 random things about me. blech.

So I invented a new meme. The object is to list just 25 things you hate or that totally piss you off. For giggles, time yourself and be amazed at how easy it was to think of 25 things.

1. I hate the general public
2. idiots with no phone manners
3. turkey bacon... um, your still eating bacon.
4. wool sweaters
5. sinus infections
6. the metric system
7. hang nails
8. I hate track suits
9. nuns wearing track suits
10. felt banners
11. infected zits
12. migraines
13. did I mention the general public
14. and people with bad phone manners
15. and the general public?
16. 101.9 fevers
17. not being able to fall asleep
18. this damn cold weather
19. dirty snot crusted kids who make you sick
20. the parents of dirty snot crusted kids
21. nancy peolosi totolly pisses me off
22. so does barack hussein obabma
23. in fact all democrats piss me off
24. and hippies too
25. hiss.spit.growl.

I tag the first 25 Catholic Bloggers links in my side bar. or who ever feels so inclined; but know people who can't follow simple directions piss me off too.


ignorant redneck said...

Thank God! I way lower down on the list!

Carolina Cannonball said...

I did say "who ever feels so inclined" ... whatsa matter? Can't follow simple directions? hiss. spit.growl.

Adoro said...

Uh oh...I'm tagged.

Will have to do this later, though.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Hi sweetie.


jill said...

"17. not being able to fall asleep
18. this damn cold weather"

Would it make you feel better if you knew that folks in southern Australia have had several days (and more to come) of daytime temperatures of around 110-115F? My Aussie friends tell me "Could we have a bit of your snow, if we could send you some of our heat?"

kired said...

1. Computer viruses
2. Paperwork
3. Being sick
4. My boss
5. Insomnium
6. Falling form my bike
7. Drivers not sharing the road
8. Being a bad cook
9. My landlord
10. Blackouts
11. Hurting myself
12. Phone calls
13. Daylight saving time
14. Hangovers
15. Jet lags
16. Staining my shirt with food
17. Video games
18. Sand in my shoes
19. Deadlines
20. Scientific Creationism
21. Politicians
22. Celebrities
23. Fashion
24. Thieves
25. Drugs