Tuesday, January 20, 2009

immortalize your image in iconography...

... a fund raising idea for your parish.

CLEVELAND – Iconographer Ilya Kuriakin, working in St. Vladislav Parish here, has pitched a fundraising technique to the parish council that might just revolutionize the prevalence and practice of iconography across the United States. ... [he]is offering parishioners and others a chance to memorialize the noted and notorious in its figures.

“It’s not much different from selling brass plaques on pews,” said Dean (St. Dimitri the Many-I’d) Brunhoffer, parish council president, “and much less flagrant.”

Here’s the price list:

* Loved one among the righteous – $50
* Representation of disliked professional class among hell-bound sinners – $100
* Specific face among hell-bound sinners – $200
* Having specific face NOT included among hell-bound sinners – $500

Interest has been very lively for the various placements, and several people have already paid to have their least favorite legislator painted among the unrighteous. Kuriakin has also received photographs and $500 checks from several people inside and outside the parish who apparently think there’s a danger of appearing among the naughty rather than the nice. [source]

h/t Byzantine Texas


Ken & Carol said...

This is brilliant. Is your iconographer from Chicago? That is how the politicians do raise money there. Hmm, now that I think about it, that is how they all raise money. Never mind.

Vara said...

This sounds like a spoof... "Ilya Kuriakin" was a character played by David McCollum on the "Man From UNCLE" in the 60s! I used to watch it then, I know!

ZOUNDS! Methinks that someone is pulling legs BIG TIME.

"Old enough to know better, young enough to still have a streak of fun..."

Carolina Cannonball said...

yes it's a spoof.

Redtabby said...

Yeah, I thought it probably was a spoof, but what a delicious idea!