Wednesday, January 21, 2009


... we spent the past eight years being told patriotism was fascism. We listened to liberals mock and ridicule Bush. Though I am not a great fan, the man does deserve admiration for walking the walk. Can we say the same for Fuhrer Obama? Hardly.

We've spent the last eight years having liberals shove tolerance down our throats just to watch them go into fits of seizures at the mere suggestion their new messiah is less than perfect.

Precisely why I don't like liberals. They claim to be something they are not--tolerant. The want to force others to behave a way they do not.

So excuse me if I post derogatory comments about the fuhrer on my own blog. I am still free to believe what I may... at least for the time being until total government control is mandated under our new socialist nation.


Vara said...

You should have seen the apoplexy when I called General Franco a hero. He killed the Red snake and was a sincerely religious man to boot. However, you should have seen this liberal... Apparently, one is not allowed to disagree on mascot groups and favoured causes.

"You're entitled to your opinion", I was told, but, a nice video I made was labelled "hate speech" because I included a 10-second clip of Franco, with him labelled as a hero. These people wish to stifle all who won't parrot their propaganda. It's starting, and it's not pretty.

"free speech has been dead since '92, haven't you heard?"

steve vickers-buckley said...
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steve vickers-buckley said...

Bravo for defending the General! Alas, Franco is rarely accorded fair treatment as most historians would rather spend their time sweeping the crimes of his predecessors under the rug. Ditto Pinochet.

More Cato the Youngers, fewer Julius Rodham Caesars.

Vara said...

Hmm... "Obama delenda est", c'est tout?

As for the Spanish Civil War, no one mentions that there were many foreign volunteers who fought for Franco, mostly Catholics and White Russians (hooray for our side!). He pulled Spain out of the clutches of the NKVD-wannabes and restored the monarchy at the proper time. A man well-worthy of glory and honour. Can I admit that I stood at his tomb and placed flowers in remembrance of his memory (wearing a Carlist beret, no less!)?

Now, that should get me shunned by all good and proper liberals!

"you don't believe in free speech unless you grant it to your ideological opponent"