Friday, January 16, 2009


... what recession?

Wall Street, automakers, and even porn lined up for a bailout, why not Obama's inaugural committee? Perhaps it's all part of the "Spend Our Way Out" economic bailout stimulus plan. Whatever. Today it was reported that the American taxpayer will be picking up the bulk of the tab: $50 million.

Bush had to declare a state-of-emergency just to appropriate more funds to cover the soaring cost of increased transportation and security.

So much for "What Would Lincoln Do"?

Not surprisingly, the liberal media whores don't dish out the same scorn and disdain they spewed at Bush's $40 million inauguration celebration. In 2005 Good Morning America's Claire Shipman asked Laura Bush in a taped interview “Many have wondered whether, given the war and all of our security challenges right now, it’s appropriate to have a lavish and expensive inaugural celebration?”

Are we really surprised?


Terry Nelson said...

Good post - I am so unhappy about next Tuesday, I can't begin to express it - I feel like the next 4 years are going to be sheer hype (and hell) on how wonderful this guy is. I refuse to watch the inaugaration - and if I ever hear Oprah squeal about him again I'm tossing the television out the window.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Boycott all things related to the coronation

Smiley said...

All you maricans who voted for Obama desever being suckered for every dollar. I feel sorry for those who did not vote for him too bad for you, for the rest you deserve it. may he rob you all blind and abort your offspring becasue in a democracy people deserve the government they vote for.

I apologize to the orthodox and traditional catholics who did not vote for obama for you i pray that this persecution ends fast and the suffering your undergo is reparation for past sins.