Monday, January 12, 2009

so long Bush...

... thanks for the laughs.



photo montage source.


Anonymous said...

Funny photos, but President Bush was really not a bad president.

Obama makes Pres. Bush look like St. Augustine.

Carolina Cannonball said...

yeah, he was good for a few laughs.

Anonymous said...

President Bush was good for a lot more than a few laughs.

He did a lot to make Partial Birth Abortion illegal [soon to be undone by the foreign born president]

He ixnayed one of the worst dictators in history, thus allowing the Iraqi people to breath a lot easier.
For Starters.

I do not follow the main stream lying media, but rather an trustworthy Catholic independant source.

The Executive Office is not an easy one to come by or run.
It is most definitely not a barrel of laughs.
Please have a little more respect for a man who has a lot of respect for our Holy Father and might just convert to the Church.

Owen said...

I am not happy to see the Obamination coming into office but I'd be hard pressed to say I am unhappy to see the last of the bushleague.

Carolina Cannonball said...

...some people obviously don't get the spirit in which this post was intended.

Mimi said...


Thom Curnutte said...

Don't worry, Kat. It's cuz Lefebvre (sp?) just outlawed humor and laughter from his "papal chateaux" in a suburban Parisian housing development.

a thorn in the pew said...

I posted a phtoshop funny of some from the other side of the fence(and yes, I think the Muppets are democrats)

Smiley said...

Ah Bush, poor guy he stood for what he belived in and got hammered. Funny pics, so far the pics of Obama are all shot so differently. One notices the media bais in the way and quality of the pictures taken