Tuesday, January 20, 2009

why buy the cow...

... Today at work one of our long time residents called to tell me he was moving in with his girlfriend and needed to vacate his current apartment. He wanted to know if we had any houses for rent. I reminded him about the qualifications for non-married room mate situations and asked him if was getting married. Normally this is none of my business but for the sake of the conversation reviewing our rental qualifications I needed to ask. In the past, if a couple is engaged and has applied for a marriage license with a tentative date we've counted them as a married couple combining their incomes to satisfy our qualifications.

His reply to my question is worthy of note: I asked "are you getting married?" and he replied "No. I don't have to. We are going to be living together."

Oh, if I had a dollar for every time some stupid girl thought moving in with her boyfriend would lead to marriage. In what bass ackward world is this thinking logical? I can tell you exactly what will happen to this couple... in four months she will be pregnant and he will be calling to ask me how he can get signed off the lease.

I would like to take a moment here and thank feminism for destroying the courtship process.


kired said...

Maybe, feminists usually don't want pregnancy that fast, because it spoils their careers. As soon as the next sports season starts, and the man becomes a potato, all will end.

Carolina Cannonball said...

mmmm. potatoes. I like potatoes.

Lola said...

I didn't understand this when I was a girl and unsophisticated, but my grandmother used to say, 'It's the woman who sets the tone'.

Now, I get it, and I'm passing it along. A woman who will put up with nonsense, gives a man permision to produce nonsense. A woman with high standards, if the man wants her, he will step up, and if he doesn't his behavior will be apparant enough that she will step away. I have seen it again and again. Often with the girl being willing to put up with just about any old nonsense at all. Bass ackwards.