Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Miles Christi...

... their retreats are starting up in this area and I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has attended one of their retreats and is familiar with this religious order.


Chris said...

I was hoping you'd get some comments on this...they have a retreat here in MN next month and I am planning to go.
If nothing else, I can let you know how that one goes! :D

Carolina Cannonball said...

Me too. I'm surprised no one else has any feedback on them.

Adam said...

Dear Carolina,

I am writing in response to your blog post.

I am very familiar with Miles Christi since they came to the Archdiocese of Detroit at the invitation of Adam Cardinal Maida.

Personally, my family and I have stayed close to Miles Christi as wellspring of our Lord's grace. I have attended five Spiritual Exercises retreats and it certainly changed the course of my spiritual life for the best. My wife and I plan to continue them annually as recommended by many Popes as a means of sanctification for souls in all states of life.

I encourage you to make the retreat. Our Lord imparts very special grace to those souls who sincerely make the Spiritual Exercises.

Yours in Christ,

Adam Wilberding
Coordinator – Spiritual Exercises Nationwide Apostolate
Miles Christi Religious Order
(810) 394-5269

Adriana said...

A friend introduced me to Miles Christi about a year ago and I loved it. The priest are wonderful they are full of love and on fire for our Lord. Their mission is to santify the laity by bringing the Spiritual Exercises based on St. Ignatius to the laity and college students. How wonderful to have a religious order bringing the word of God to the young people. These priest go out in the battle field and bring souls to God. Our youth today need strong role models as these priest to look up to and hopefully follow their example in chosing a vocation to the priethood and religious life. If this retreat is available in your area please do attend. God does grant special graces to those who attend as long as they are properly disposed to receive them. I feel that if these priest are willing to bring these spiritual exercises to the laity and then we should make every effort to attend and spread the word. It's for our santification..these priest are trying to feed our souls in many ways. Let's be more open to them and let them bring God to us.

God bless you
Adriana Martinez