Saturday, March 07, 2009

Derick Baegert...

... there is so much going on in this painting of Christ carrying the cross, but my eye is continually drawn to Judas; noosed and hanging from a tree at the top of this representation. I know he's often vilified but I tend to have a bit more compassion for him. He played a detrimental part in the plan of salvation; he's only lot in life was to be the man to betray Jesus. I imagine he was tormented spiritually and mentally... much like many of us.

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Enbrethiliel said...


I feel great compassion for Judas as well. I had some very passionate thoughts about that one year, but a priest friend discouraged me from pursuing them.

Along safer lines, this is what I think: Judas may have been the one who sold Jesus, but the rest of the Twelve (except St. John) also betrayed Him by running away. Even St. Paul, before becoming another Apostle, persecuted Jesus through His followers. I can't help but contrast Judas' choice with that of Sts. Peter and Paul in particular. I wish that Judas had made room in his heart for God's grace, because if he had, he would have definitely been forgiven and maybe even done as much for the Church as Sts. Peter and Paul have.

Back to the painting . . . It is St. Veronica who draws my eye the most. =)