Wednesday, March 04, 2009

"On seeing Thine unjust slaughter O Christ...

... the pure Virgin cried in grief, 'O most sweet Child, how is it that Thou diest lawlessly. How is it that Thou Who, has suspended all the earth upon the floods of waters, art now Thyself, suspended from the Tree. O most merciful Benefactor, do not leave me, Thy Mother and handmaid, alone.'"

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Mimi said...

The one that gets me even more than that one is this one from Holy Thursday:

Beholding her own lamb led to the slaughter, Mary followed with the other women, in distress and crying out: "Where goest Thou, my child" Why dost Thou run so swift a course? Surely there is not another wedding in Cana to which Thou now dost hasten to change water into wine? Shall I come with Thee, my child, or shall I wait for Thee? Give me a word, O Thou who art the Word. Do not pass me by in silence, O Thou who didst keep me pure, for Thou art my Son and my God"

Sob, sob.

Most Holy Theotokos, pray to God for us.