Monday, March 30, 2009

well that didn't take long...

... for me to be proved right about Tony Blair's admittance into the Catholic Church. I stated, we'd be better off with out him.

We should never be so quick to induct into our ranks someone who has continually and publicly opposed everything the Church teaches on the most basic fundamental issues... at least not without subjecting them to two years of most daffy ass touchy feeling RCIA one can concoct. Then see had badly Mr. Blair wants to be Catholic.


s monaco said...

This is just stunning! Why on earth would someone “willing want to join" something that they do not "whole-heartily believe" in? My goodness, the Blair's could have gone (or stayed... whatever the case might be) in the Church of England and had all the contraception and women clergy they could ever desire?
I must be missing something, because this just does not make sense to me. It's like knowing joining the Chess Club, but demanding all the members play Checkers instead!

And as for Mrs. Tony Blair's statement that "she is a feminist" and that all these wonderful things came to her because she used contraception and did not have to have her life interrupted by, God-forbid, a "baby"... like that unfortunate time when she was on holiday without contraception and had one of her children.
How can someone say something so heartless about their own child, a gift of God!

It never ceases to amaze me the focus that "feminist" like Mrs. Tony Blair put on themselves and how things impact "her"... as opposed letting life take its course and living life together with (or for) others. I am running out of hours in the day to offer up prayers for all that is going wrong in our society today. My last reaction that I would have about the comment of women being “invisible” in the Catholic Church take me to directly to the comments I talked about on my own blog… perhaps if the religious women in the Church today would return to wearing the habit, one could again “see” just how involved and important women are to the Church ,as the Blessed Virgin Mary was to the early Church, instead of thinking them an extinct species.

Owen said...

Thanks be to God for Purgatory eh?

Terry Nelson said...

Mrs. Blair is a very unpleasant woman.