Friday, April 03, 2009

for those Catholics who voted for Obama...

... I am genuinely curious if you are happy with the outcome of your vote. Having voted with your wallet based solely on economics, how do you feel about casting your vote for the one man who has proven himself so diabolically malicious to the unborn... and yet the precious economy is still worsening by the day.

Blood money.

Having fallen for the cult of personality and empty political rhetoric, do you realize now the error of your vote? We are verging on socialist total government control where pregnant women are treated with open hostility all the while thrusting forward to a world that devalues life.

Is he everything you hoped and voted for? Does it make you happy that a man whose mantra is peace and unity is intentionally set to divide the Catholic church? Polarizing us by choosing anti-life "catholic" appointments for his administration; trying to set us up against each other. His presence at Notre Dame is driving a wedge into our community. He is a serpent who is well aware the way to conquer is to first divide.


HEATHER said...

Wow, those are awesome points, that had never even occured to me!!
I can not imagine what they were thinking at Notre Dame to invite his sorry butt. If he had any class he would decline the invitation.

rightwingprof said...

I have a Catholic neighbor who is in a state of high dudgeon, first about lifting the abortion restriction on foreign aid, then FOCA. She told me, "I didn't vote for this," and I'm afraid I wasn't very sympathetic, as I told her that yet, indeed, this is exactly what she voted for, and all of the information was there but she chose to ignore it.

Terry Nelson said...

Heather, he has no class.

Kat, people I know who voted for him keep saying - "Give him a chance! He is trying really hard!" They are still very much taken by his celebrity while they continue to blame Bush. 8 years of anti-Bush propaganda takes a long time to rectify.

And self-delusion is extremely powerful.

Anonymous said...

So very disturbing. Pray for the nation.

truthfinder said...

I am afraid that there is a force other than self-deception at play.
The enemy of our souls is a master of deceit, and he especially likes to appear as an "angel of light."
Yes, prayers for our nation AND our world are in order.

Lola said...

I was just thinking the same thing this weekend with his whirlwind visit to Europe and his comments about America.

Thanks for putting it out there I would love to read some real people who voted for him and now regret it.

Lola said...

I thought this was funny: