Thursday, May 14, 2009

criminalizing having morals...

... The Colombian government has announced that it will fine a Catholic hospital for refusing to perform an abortion, according to local news reports.

The Saint Ignatius University Hospital, a Jesuit institution, was asked for an abortion in 2008 by a woman whose unborn child suffered from non-lethal defects, including hydrocephaly. They refused on grounds of "collective conscience."

The woman, Yolima Bernal, ultimately received a late-term abortion in another hospital. After an investigation of the case launched last year, Colombia's health ministry has announced a fine equivalent to approximately $5,160.

Monica Roa, a pro-abortion attorney who works with the UN-funded Women's Link Worldwide (WLW), praised the decision, stating that "it feels like a precedent for the country and makes it clear that conscientious objection in an institution is not permitted." [source]


Anonymous said...

With our far-left-leaning current government, this will soon be happening here, too.

kired said...

it is still murder

Smiley said...

Since we are on the topic of abortion, please visit our new blog dealing with the National March for Life in Ottawa which was as usual ignored by the main stream media.

TCN said...

Actually, conscientious objection is ALWAYS permitted. It might cost money, but that is just money, not the life of a defenseless human being.

Jesus told us it would be like this.