Friday, May 22, 2009

symantics can be revealing...

... the liberal media knows that people can be brain washed swayed towards their agendas if the right rhetoric is used. If your views oppose what the author is writing about the wording can be delicately tweaked just so to paint the image that any one who disagrees is dissenting and dangerous.

The most notorious example would be the pro-choice advocates referring to pro-life supporters as "anti-choice". Next came the governments concern for a "right-wing extremists" uprising. These past weeks I have seen a new phrase pop up with more frequency in these liberal media outlets... "foe". [example: gay marriage foes]

This word was picked very intentionally. While Websters defines "foe" as someone who opposes on principle it also has the more obvious and familiar definition of one who is an enemy [enemy of war] and one who has enmity for another.

Words can be wielded like a sword; ask any one whose suffered verbal abuse, lived through the Holocaust, or escaped communist Cuba, as my abuelita's husband did...unfortunately we can't ask the unborn.

The verbiage here, folks, is cause for a deep concern. You have one group of people [media/government] trying to sway another group of peoples [the general populace] against another [Christians].

Words like "foe", "anti-", and "extremist" are used for the sole purpose of demonizing individuals with any views in direct opposition of their agenda. Once we are demonized and the general population has developed a proper hatred for "dissenters" it makes their job of persecution so much more seemly... almost justified.

Scary, huh?


Tim said...

As most Christians are peace-loving people this will work for a while, but eventually Christians will run out of cheeks to turn, and since there is "no peace without justice", in order to restore peace they will respond with a justice capable of restoring peace (and most likely commensurate with the persecution they have endured).

Lee Strong said...

Ah yes, I dared to say I opposed homosexual marriage, and I was immediately tabbed a "hate-filled Catholic" and a "troglodyte."

Oh, and they had to throw in mention of pedophile priests for good measure.