Sunday, June 14, 2009

... and for his last statement about getting a gun; seriously if you don't own one I recommend you make the purchase in the next year or so. If hurricane Katrina was any indication of how the government will protect you and your family in times of crisis I suggest getting a complete arsenal and a pantry full of canned goods.

Need a re-fresher... the police went and confiscated all the registered gun owner's fire arms leaving those in New Orleans defenseless against all the looting un-registered gun owners criminals.

This administrations needs to be over thrown, like the communist dictatorship it is.


Marco de Puna said...

Looks like the NYT has your number!

Carolina Cannonball said...

so the NYT thinks I am a domestic terrorists for my thinking. If that article is anything, its encouraging to know that this country may be waking up and willing to defend itself against liberal tyranny.

Carolina Cannonball said...

the author also "forgot" to mention the Muslim fanatic who killed the soldier in Arkansas, and he "forgot" to mention the three Muslim fanatics who were plotting to blow up the synagogue in Riverdale. He also "forgot" to mention the recent anti-Semetic rantings of Obama's preacher.

And to say that Obama hasn't matched Bush's spending is hysterically laughable... obama has FAR exceeded it.

Marco de Puna said...

Carolina, I knew you'd get to the heart of the matter!

On another note. My niece is studying for her nursing degree and has gotten various financial aid and scholarships - supplemented by loans..but she has also gooten assistance from the Fansler Foundation. The Foundation provides up to $5,000 per semester for child care, tuition, books, even parking and other sundries. Its really help her and her family out.

I wrote to my niece and she sent me info on the Foundation and how to apply.

What's the best way to get this info to you?

Marco de Puna said...

gooten = gotten

Marco de Puna said...

Hey Carolina, just found how to email you -duh - it's still morning here and my brain is on slow.

I am sending the info on the Foundation to you. Hope it might do some good.

Adrienne said...

I never talk about what I have or don't have in the way of fire power on-line. Just sayin'.......;-)

TCN said...

I have an NRA sticker on my front door and another on the back door. I also have a loud dog, who doesn't deal kindly with strangers approaching in the dark. And if that isn't enough, I have a softball bat under the bed and my husband's gun safe is within reach of the bed as well. I have canned my own for years and have a lovely supply of delightfully healthy jars in the pantry and the basement.

Bring 'em on.

USMC 9971 said...

Since last October, I have spoken with a lot of people who have started to look into firearms and food storage. The concern is definitely growing.

Plant a garden (nearly every house on our block has one now), learn how to can foods, and make sensible preparations for any sort of disaster, natural or man-made. If you get a firearm, learn how to properly store it, maintain it, and fire it accurately.

And, if possible, get to know your neighbors and find out what skills that they might bring to the table in the event of an emergency. We had flooding a few years back (it was the first time that anyone in the neighborhood could remember the area flooding), and we all pitched-in. Some made food, some watched over the children, some acted as laison with the authorities, and some rolled-up the sleaves to stack sand bags.

We're mainly a group of people who "cling" to our guns and religion, though, so the NYT would have probably written about us saving our own neighborhood as a "militia training exercise."

The Byzantine Rambler said...

The Electoral College is part of the actual Constitution - not an item of ammendment. It should be retained. What should be enacted is that delegates to the Electoral College must reflect a basic percentage of the votes of the people of each State.

In addition, the seventeenth ammendment changing the election of Senators from the vote ofstate legilsatures to the people should be repealed.

The Constitution limited the role of the Federal Government in several ways. One such way wsa the dependence of representation of membership in the Federal Legislature on the authority of the Governments of the "several states".