Sunday, June 28, 2009

a common ground between different political affiliations...

... yes, it is possible.

I know a liberal *gasp* and actually enjoy talking with him *faint*. While we don't agree on everything, OK almost nothing, we do agree one poignant issue. We are both completely annoyed and baffled by people who chose to vote for Obama and now have no clue or care very little for staying politically informed.

He was telling me about a relationship he just ended with a young woman he met while working on the campaign committee for DNC. At the time his now estranged girlfriend was politically active and seemed passionate about her convictions and support of Obama. She appeared informed and intelligent; I suppose that's possible even for a liberal.

After the election his ex-girlfriend, and many of his friends as well, stopped watching the news. Stopped caring. Stopped being informed. They went back to swilling trendy micro brews while quoting The Daily Show. He doesn't get it. The same friends who donated hundreds of hours campaigning for a man they never heard of before Oprah and coughing up thousands of dollars for his campaign could not even properly explain to him the Cap and Trade bill... not that anyone can considering no one, not even Congress, has read the damn thing. So much for a "transparent administrations". I digress.

"Their Man" was elected and now they blissfully frolic through life confident Obama will fulfill all his campaign promises to Hopenchange the world into Utopia.

Now my friend is finding himself disenchanted with his party affiliation... with his once like minded peers.

So today I found common ground with a liberal.

We both agreed that the only consistency in Mr. Obama's presidency has been his repeated inconsistencies and the only campaign promise he has fulfilled thus far was his promise to make policies that reflect the climate and mood of the moment.

He was also baffled by Obama's delayed, and unwilling, condemnation of Iran's treatment of the protesters and found it striking that "his man" can only muster harsh words for two nations, ours and Israel... but that's another post.


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a liberal on the edge...
Shall we start a novena NOW that Cap & Trade dies in the Senate?

Terry Nelson said...

You are a communist.

Carolina Cannonball said...

Terry... you know it baby!
What a scandalous little tart I am.

Enbrethiliel said...


Interesting. I wouldn't have ever guessed that they'd stop watching the news now.