Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"missing" governor takes "secret" vacation...

.... MSM [mainstream media] outlets exceed their quota for quotation mark use.

S.C. Governor Mark Sanford [R] takes a four day weekend hiking the Appalachian and he forgot to tell the media, mix that with a slow news day and a little liberal bias and what do you get...

Governor goes missing! Sanford abandons his duties! Mark Sanford clearly insane! What rational human being leaves town for four days and can't be reached by cell phone/iphone/laptop/tracking chip?! How can he twitter when he takes a dump in the woods?!

I guess the idea of a man just wanting to get away, even from technology, has become completely foreign in our instant message age. Sanford decided for Father's Day he wanted to get away. Suddenly he is mentally incapable and a bad father too.

MSM is quick to crucify.

or are they...it depends on your political affiliation. Republicans are held to hire standard, I suppose. I have yet to see national headlines about VA Governor Tim Kaine [D] who is famous for mysteriously vanishing on the tax payers dime. Hell, the Washington Post blog Virginia Politics routinely asks for information on his whereabouts.... have you seen this Governor? What's next, milk cartons?

What ever the case may be surrounding his "mysterious" disappearance the incredibility lies in the absurdity that this is even news worthy compared to the scandelous misdeeds of other "certain" governors. Imagine if Obama did the same, he would be lauded for having the sensibility to take a "sabbatical" and "clear his head" resulting in "better performance of his administration duties".


RJW said...

Fox reported today that his own "republican party" "friends" who are rivals "blew" the "whistle" on him. (Like the use of quotation marks?) But you're right, they even pingged his phone to look for him. His wife and chief of staff weren't worried. Why should anyone else?

John (Ad Orientem) said...

The whole political gotcha game (both sides play it too often) bores me. Here is my bottom line. I don't care where he goes or what he does when he needs to get away for a little while. I don't care if the press knows. They can go to the really hot stinky bad place.

I don't even care if his wife knows.

I do care that his staff knows his whereabouts and that they can reach him at any hour of the day or night. He is not a private citizen or some low level bureaucrat who can just disappear for a long weekend and leave the phone off the hook. He is the governor of a major state.

That may not be on the same level as President of the United States, but the principal is the same. It's a 24-7-365 job. If he doesn't like it then he needs to find a another line of work. Being contactable 24 hrs a day comes with the the job along with the guy with the suit, sunglasses and loaded pistol that's within arms reach of you when you are answering the call of nature. It sucks but he signed up for it.

Beyond that what he does on his day(s) off is of zero concern to me.

Personally you couldn't get me to run for president or governor for all the gold in Fort Knox. I like having a life.

Under the mercy,

Thom Curnutte said...


He was in South America screwing a woman that isn't his wife.

Poor persecuted Republicans my arse!


Lee Strong said...

Oops. He has admitted to an affair.

Another social conservative bites the dust.

Huckabee is looking better and better.

Carolina Cannonball said...


I stand by my post. Too bad Sanford doesn't live in Massachusetts then he could have an affair and run over his lover with his SUV 3 xs and STILL get re-elected. SC is less forgiving... republicans are held to a higher standard where as one expects this behavior out a dem. so it's not national news.