Tuesday, June 02, 2009

prideful lot...

... winner's badges to stoke the ego; and a special one just for Her Diginess.

I am currently taking your ideas into consideration for the next awards. Last year was Church or Correctional Institution, year before Ugliest Vestment Contest, and before that was Tacky Catholic Kitsch.


kired said...

nice smile (avatar)

The Digital Hairshirt said...

I shall strive to live up to your noble awards. My therapist says it is good for me and once that agoraphobia is licked, heaven only knows to what heights I can fly.

For your next awards, I suggest Liturgical Dance Off.

kired said...

what about baptismal fonts

Melody said...

How about a "Too many Catholics in the same room" award for a Catholic group blog?

ps: can I sneak in 2 hopeful nominations for 2010:
http://Glorify-God.com & http://podCatholic.com (infant on the block)

Cheers, great fun site! God bless