Tuesday, June 02, 2009

while you were sleeping...

... or in this case, buried under a stressful course load.

Roman Sacristan has left for the monastery today. Chris will be heading to Norcia, Italy to begin his postulancy. Please pray for him... often.


Tiller the Killer is murdered in his church and now we are all officially terrorists. Pick a blog, any blog, to read more in depth about the shooting. My only injection would be... why are we all panicked? Christians should be used to persecution by now. It comes as no shock to me anymore that no one likes us. I don't expect to be liked for my views and convictions. We need to stop giving the other side so much damn credit. When will realize that "open dialogue" is a joke? There was never a genuine desire to have "dialogue" with us on abortion. The promise of "dialogue" was an appeasement meant to keep us nice and quiet and completely distracted. Pro-abortionists, secularists and feminist are going to politicize Mr. Tiller's murder and use him like they'd use any one to promote their agenda or vilifying and persecuting us. We should all stop gnawing off our nails and wearing tin foil hats... and just trust in God. and pray. often.


Don't hold your breath that anti-war fanatics are going to put on the government's watch list. Double standards... yes. Oh, hell yes. There will be no statement from The Frurer Obama issuing public outcry over the moslem fanatic who killed an army recruiter. Again, not surprised.

I am just praying. and watching.


Oh... and I think I found out where all the single Catholic men are in your church, ladies. They go to the vigil and 5pm masses because the Sunday morning masses are typical "family masses". That being said, I am going to be single for a very very very long time... I wouldn't repeatedly subject myself to sit through a hippie mass even in the off chance of meeting this guy.

The rest of the news I missed was worth missing... something about Eminem and a guy dressed as an angel wearing a thong.

Due to a heavy semester schedule blogging will be sporadic this summer. I apologize. If it's been over a week and you still haven't heard from me then it is safe to assume I've checked into rehab and I took the bonsai with me.


Marco de Puna said...

"...I took the bonsai with me."

Don't tell me you are planning to kidnap Fr. Z's very own Penjing? Isn't that a mortal sin?!

Good luck with all your studies. You are in my prayers.

Grace and peace.

Thom Curnutte said...

Which bonsai? Aren't they breeding now? I swear I've seen, like, 5 of the things.

kired said...

hit the books
I'll pray for you... and the bonsai (the boy?)

Lee Strong said...

5 p.m. the Hippie Mass?

Well ... that is where I met my old lady.

I was working the Sunday morning shift at the radio station, she was working at the soup kitchen, so we both went to the 5 p.m., noticed each other across the pews, and ... now all is groovy.

At our parish, by the way, the goovin' Mass is the 9 a.m where once a month the uptempo group "Rock of Faith" replaces the regular choir to lead the music. I play guitar and sing - even though I do look like Santa Claus and am even one of his special "assistants" at the mall as my part-time job (I quit the radio station).

So remember, I know if you've been naughty or nice.

Lynne said...

So no one mentioned that your link to "this guy" was bad...