Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cast your vote for the most visually appalling...

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Ugliest Church Art
1- Whaaaat?
2- i darez ya
3- tabernacle
4- Cpt. Nemo's tabernacle
5- Rock Monster
6- i haz tiger
7- erected Jesus
8- gay mime
9- nightmares
10- center cut pleaze
11- cross walk Jesus
12- skewered Jesus
13- i haz hot tub
14- abstract crucifix
15- Sith Madonna
16- las vegas
17- digi in a muumuu
18- recyclin' 4 the lord
19- Moth Man Prophecy
20- is that obama?
21-stairway to no where
22- Cardiomegaly anyone?
23- spider cathedral
24- my obelisk is bigger
25- lame-o ambo free polls

26- implements of torture
27- tabernacle mosaic
28-Mormon Jesus
29- Last Supper FAIL!
30-Log Family
31-tabernacle, I think
32-Tacky Tabernacle
33-Stick Stations
34- Terrible Tabernacle
35- Football Jesus
36-Elephant Tusks
37-I want my mummy
38-Blue Man Group
39-eh, not so much
40-abstract ugly
41- wait, you didn't carve my legs
42-Mahony monstracity
43-institution white
44-Granite blob
45-Putrid Pieta
47-Dinner plate Jesus
48-Grrrr. I'm metal
49- Sleep wear Jesus
50-Sticks attack! free polls


expat said...

I think that there are too many to choose from. Any chance on having a couple of rounds to narrow down the field and then go for the grand prize winner?

B. Hold said...

yeah, way too many to choose from. but i love your captions. "Putrid Pieta"... is it really supposed to be a Pieta? I'm not sure if that makes me angry or brain dead. I may have to go with that, but there are so many bad ones I also want to vote for.

Anonymous said...

Sorry didn't have this pic of Pumpkin-tide earlier:

Bullblogger said...

Voted. That mothman thing is just wrong. I actually like the idea behind #29. By the way, thanks for your bountiful blog. It's a treasure.

Jane said...

Oh dear. Either my entries didn't make the cut or your email filter rejected my message. Ah well, maybe next time.

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

To be fair, #36 (which, if I'm not mistaken, is from the Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine) also contains these. It's really quite beautiful, despite the odd Baptismal font decor. The windows are a beautiful example of Catechism in glass, and it is not a particularly old church. (Also, it's not a parish at all. It's sustained by donations mostly by the tourists for whom it was built.)

I just wanted to point out that, overall, that is a gorgeous church, and it even has a Rosary garden with a French statue of Our Lady (see that link for my pictures) that was originally made in the late 1700's.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to vote for my hometown's sentimental favorite, the synthetic multiracial-androgynous man-hands Mary that glares balefully at all who have the temerity seek an audience with the great and wonderful Oz... oops, that's from a movie, I mean visit the ugly hunk of concrete masquerading as a Catholic cathedral at the confluence of the freeways in downtown El Lay, but- I was overwhelmed by the truly breathtaking ugliness and absurdity of the Pieta From Surrealist Hell... so that got my vote. God help the poor people who have to gaze upon that on a regular basis. The local priests can assign it as a penance- "Say three Hail Marys and look at the Putrid Pieta for at least two minutes". BLECHHHH!.

Truly a superabundance of bad taste and pure fuglyness here. What did we as a Church ever do (aside from the Inquisition and a few other peccadilloes) to deserve this much stupefyingly bad art?


Anthony Visco said...

Since there is such an abundance to work with here, why not share the title by making categories such as, the Best Ugliest Tabernacle/Box Thing, the Best Ugliest Baptismal Fountain/Spa?

Kasia said...

I hate to say it, but some of those make #20 (the Mahoney Madonna) almost nice by comparison.

I do not know if I can even bring myself to look closely enough at those submissions again to vote. If all my local parishes looked like that, I'd go looking for the FSSP.

Todd said...

I'd say the contest is pretty scattershot, too. My parishioners weren't too pleased about #38, I can tell you.

Indulging the Culture of Complaint isn't the best way to make a splash.

Carolina Cannonball said...

Todd, not to worry. It doesn't look like your church will win anyway. Your parishioners should find comfort in that.

Kay said...

I noticed this interesting and pertinent article on Zenit today:

Making Spaces to Meet God

Thanks Kat for an interesting look at some of the worst in church art. I'm praying also that you meet a wonderful man. I've really enjoyed reading your posts and the insightful replies.