Thursday, July 30, 2009

I can't say it enough...

... posting something like this on blog is like preaching to the choir.

Still take a small moment and read this post, consider the gravity of this health care reform bill, then forward this article to every person you can think of who might actually be in favor of socialized murder... uh, I mean health care.

It's not just the unborn that need protection anymore, it's the elderly, disabled and chronically ill as well.


Anonymous said...

I have alot of mixed feelings on this...I am one of the fortunate ones who has GOOD health insurance...however..I am also healthy as a horse, am on NO maintenance meds of any kind, my weight is healthy for my age and height, I exercise 5 days a week and faithfully get my annual physical..I'm about as cheap as they come...however do you think I get a break on my medical insurance premiums?? NNNoo..I pay just as much as the high-maintenance diabetic/obese/smoker/high blood pressure etc person..As far as folks who won their own business or work for small business..there should be some way of pooling employees so that they can get insurance that is affordable..but please don't make ME pay for a single no dependents no deductions no s*it, I get hammered with's time everyone paid their fair share..and what about county hospitals/charity hospitals/catholic hospitals..still plenty of them around...I know at my county health clinic you could get basic checkups/immmunizations/blood tests. paid on a sliding scale...and my local university has a dental hygenist program where you can get your teeth cleaned for $20 by the students. I hope people aren't expecting that this government health program is FREE..there should be at least some monthly premiums...maybe on a sliding scale based on income..

Anonymous said...

The thing about "socialist" styled medicine is that si takes a look at what is best for the "scoiety" as a whole. If you, your child, your parent and so happen to be unlucky enough to be considered a "drain on the society"...well then...too bad, so sad...but you're out of luck in thinking you'll get great health care because your better for the "society" if you were dead instead. Harshly worded? Yes, it is. Tru? Yes...unfortunately, it is.

Todd said...

The elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill are already getting dropped by insurance companies and employers. The current system is great ... as long as you can stay healthy, or if you're in Congress, the military, or already benefiting somewhat from existing government programs for the elderly.

It's a positive development to put some pressure on insurance companies. They have no elected representatives that can be sent to circle the drain when they screw up.

Jan Rogozinski said...

How could you fall for such an evil lie.

All that is proposed is that physicians be compensated for the time they spend with a patient as THE PATIENT personally, himself or herself, AND NO OWN ELSE makes a living will.

In that living will, the patient can order that every extraordinary method be used to keep her artifically "alive" for as long as possible.

Think of the Terry Shiavo case. In the absence of a living will, physicians are required to keep one "alive" as long as possible. This places the horrible burden on the dying person's partner or family of deciding when to pull the plug on the machines keeping the person artificially "alive." Why do you want to put this burden on them?

By the way, you pretend to be a Roman Catholic. The position of the Catholic magisterium is that one does NOT have to use extraordinary means to keep a person artificially "alive." I guess you are just another of the pick and choose cafeteria Catholics.