Monday, July 27, 2009

the never ending story...

... for five years, off and on when time and inspiration permit, I have been writing. The story is loosely based on a series of reoccurring dreams I have. When I starting write this particular novel the subject of forced euthanasia seemed inconceivable to comprehend... yet here we are on the brink of it. Even before Obama was a glint in Oprah's eye, her being responsible for his political conception, the story was there in the back on my mind... now the idea is commonplace and not so shocking.

I started writing again. I wrote a little last year and stopped; it comes in waves. However; I am finding new inspiration in Obama's proposed socialized health care reform.[pick a source, any source] I fear for the elderly who will become victims of extermination at the hands of their own children for the sake of conveniences. They will call it mercy.

Things are about to get very ugly out there... and this is the environment in which I choose to plunge myself head long. I feel like now is the time the medical field is going to be in the most desperate need of compassionate and ethical care. Emphasis on ethical.

I've noticed some strange parallels in my writing. The story is of a team of medical professionals who risk their lives to provide care to society's outcasts... the terminally ill, the elderly, and the physically and mentally disabled. These people are forced to go into hiding and live outside civilization because government laws mandate they must be exterminated due to their genetic deficiencies. Their medical conditions are a financial strain on health care, they are burdens to their families... any of this sounding familiar?

My tale begins with the first group of 12 brave and selfless souls who surrender themselves to the State for mercy extermination. They become heroes... celebrities. From there the story is expanded and converges with the medical team; comprised of nurses, doctors and a religious order founded by a certain saint... that I will keep as a surprise.

It also involves a young blind boy who is allowed to live; despite State orders for his parent's to turn him over to "authorities" for his horrible mutation. He lives isolated within the confines of a mega state run hospital... then one day he is shown a way out.

My book is told from three points of view... from a blind son, a priestly Father, and an unidentified third party associated with the religious order's founder.

The imagery I choose to illustrate this work is based heavily on symbolism, in case you hadn't noticed.

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Robert Keller said...

so when can we buy said work?

Steven P. Cornett said...

Or at least read it, however you care to disseminate it?