Thursday, August 20, 2009

all you do is nun gaze...

... no gender bias here.

Since Bernard of Clairvaux is the patron saint of bee keepers, among other things, and is often represented with a bee hive I thought this photo apropos for today... a Cistercian bee keeper.

... and so begins a series of monk gazing photos. enjoy.

Note Bene: as with all photographs within the "gazing" series, my sole intent is to show the humanity, humor and beauty within the Catholic religious communities in hopes of fostering vocations. Please pray for an increase in vocations for every picture I post.


Anonymous said...

CC, What does Crescat mean? PtS

Anonymous said...

St. Bernard? Well, come to think of it, he is. I am more familiar with St. Ambrose, the Doctor mellifluus (the Doctor, whose speech is sweet as honey - meant as a compliment) in this capacity.