Sunday, August 02, 2009


... if love is supposed to draw it's parallels from God's love of humanity then the love we feel for another should be a perfect reflection of that. How is it then we find ourselves so deeply in love with another person, only to find it is not returned in kind. We are left devastated and shattered, almost afraid to love again. Such is our human nature... but what of God's nature?

Though I wouldn't dare to presume... still I wonder.

Does God feel that same devastation and sorrow when His love for us is not returned? Can such a human emotion be attribute to God? How perfect is His love for us, and yet no matter how often His love is denied by us, He never stops loving.

Where as we become crippled with fear of rejection, even preferring to be alone than risk another shattered heart... He continues to love. Can you imagine an existence of perpetual heart break... yet you continue to offer freely your love; men have died from less rejection.

When Christ's love for us is taken for granted or simply rejected completely; do we break God's heart? What depth of anguish does He feel for us...

I think God probably loves us best, the rejected lovers; after all we can empathize. It's a consolation, albeit a small one, that suffering leads to sanctification. However; in my case, I will probably need to suffer more than a broken heart to gain His favor.

Please excuse the existential melancholic ramblings. It's late. Blog probably needs a curfew.


Anonymous said...

I understand the late night ramblings. My sister and I just attended a conference at Franciscan University this weekend. We live in different states and don't see each other often but we kept each other up far too late with these very same ponderings

RJW said...

Very well said. I know what you mean.

Thom Curnutte said...

Love is action, always, and always solely for the benefit of the other, and not for what we can get in return. Emotions come and go- love is constant.

love and prayers.

The Reformer said...

it's amazing how much you remind me of a friend of mine, she just this morning said nearly the exact same thing. All you can do is live a life of prayer and penance. It's hard; if it were easy, everyone would do it...

Anonymous said...

...can we love unconditionally ...
You are in my prayers...

Keystone said...

"However; in my case, I will probably need to suffer more than a broken heart to gain His favor."

There is nothing you can do to make Him love you more.
There is nothing you can do to make Him love you less.

WE, as humans, base love on performance. The bigger the diamond ring; the more he loves me.

We can not imagine the depth of perpetual love. Forever is a long time we do not comprehend.

Choice means that inevitably, someone will choose NO, over YES to love given freely. The reasons for No are as many as the stars.

The God who always WAS, IS, and WILL BE chose to touch the dimension of time for about 33 years. He offered a second chance to those who found a life of no love, so hideous, that they would pursue love with God again...but could not due to His holiness. So Christ made an Option Two and gave all a second chance.


David cried out in the opening of Psalm 22:
"My God My God Why have you forsaken me?"

A thousand years later, his geneology relative, Jesus Christ uttered the same words at His death on a Cross.

But in the rejection felt, Christ did a peculiar thing. David had been separated from God's love by adultery and murder, and things we do not know.

Christ uttered the same separation, but a man only a few feet away was nailed to a tree, said "Take me with you" and was told "THIS DAY, you will be with me in paradise".

He rejected Christ, the lifestyle, baptism, confirmation, all the formalities we require of ourselves to "perform" love. In the waning moments, he saw a Christ who loved Him, and in simply saying "I wanna be with you", Christ granted that request and pretty much said 'That is why I am dying here; so you CAN be with me. YOU have worth because you ARE".

The thief did zero to gain favor with God, except to say, I believe you are the Son of God".

God make a choice too.
He agrees to love all, but only accept in heaven those who freely choose to love Him in return.
No imitation allowed.
Anyone who rejects the love of God will not be in heaven.

Ten lepers were healed; one came back and said to Christ "I just wanted to say thanks for what you did for me".

You and I would reply "Oh that's ok; glad it is working out now".

Christ did not. He said:
"Were not ten of you healed?
Where are the other nine?"

In effect, "Did I not love everyone? How come so few return the love?"

I suspect the parable is in the Gospels to remind us the ratio of those who obtain heaven is probably pretty close to that.
Be a ten.

The world lies in decay daily.
Simply polish your furniture today and look at it on Friday. Dust is everywhere anew.

Leave an apple on your kitchen counter and come back next month from vacation to find mush and fruit flies.

The miracle of God is that we go the other direction at all and are preserved eternally, never dusting the furniture of ourself again...
but not yet.

I have been in meadows where no man has walked and seen flowers of extraordinary beauty. They will die by fall. I will likely be the only person to ever see that flower. So too with the spot I saw at today's sunrise. I was the only one there and that vantage point changed with the pallette of Christ, each second as He added color and brightness, just for me.

The love is all around; we can not take it all in within a lifetime.

The fact that others choose to decline us as lovable, or share in the love we carry and create is a matter between them and God.

Be a star that does not burn out in your lifetime. The best light comes at the darkest times. Entire galaxies unseen at noon are available for all to see each night. And the God who flung those galaxies and stars with His breath, used that breath to create man. He's got a lot of loving to do. Look for the love. Not the rejection.

I kept the kids following a brutal betrayal.
They eventually grow up to chose another to love.
Is it rejection of me anew?
Or is it love expanded?

Love your son.
Love your God.
Be a ten.

Smiley said...

I think we do break God's heart. I think he cries when we do. But being God He does not stop loving us he continues to love us, it agonizes him to see us make such a mess of our lives when we dont accept his love. But he continues to love us.
I think God's love is more the love of a parent to a child than that of 2 adults. A child may not reciprocate a parents love for the child, however the parent continues to love the child.

Anonymous said...

THE secrets of unconditional love, one of the most mysterious emotions, are being uncovered by scientists tracing the unique brain activity it creates.

They have found that the emotion, experienced as a desire to care for another person without any thought of reward, emerges from a complex interplay between seven separate areas of the brain.

Such brain activity has only limited overlap with the cerebral impulses seen in romantic or sexual love, suggesting it should be seen as an entirely separate emotion.

In the real world, however, unconditional love is often experienced towards people with whom there is no connection. The question is: why?

Jesus' Love made to touch and enter your hearts and souls and to free you!!!

Lucian said...

I know perfectly well where You're coming from... :-(

Sigh! :-<

Anonymous said...

I am currently living a life of continual heartbreak, married to someone with severe psychological problems. God is in the midst of it all, if I only look up to see.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sigh--it hurts--we have all felt your pain. So sorry, cry, sigh. The only thing to do is wait--time heals all wounds.

Chryseus said...

The patience required to wait for the love of another is marathon-like. Fear constantly challenges hope on the battlefield of my days...and I weakly attempt to emulate a fraction of a fraction of His love.

Yet, I must look to the Ultimate Victor who has decimated fear, who has loved infinitely, who-with His hand stretched out-waits patiently for me to come to receive His grace...I know I must fully and unconditionally, but it is not easy.

On a much lighter note, posts like this are why your blog is now my #1 read...this blog is a rich and beautiful balance of the sublime, the vulnerable, and the sassy.

Thank you...

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi said...

May I suggest "Words of Love Spoken by Our Lord to Three 20th C victim Souls: Sr Josefa Menendez, Sr Mary of the Trinity, Sr Consolata Betrone, compiled by Father Bartholomew Gottenoller. It was available through TAN ISBN #0895552442. A simple, small book of 2- 3 sentence quotes from Our Lord. Left me in tears and gave great consolation in just the first chapter! "..If only souls knew My Heart.. mankind is ignorant of Its mercy and goodness: that is My greatest sorrow." Console Our Savior and don't worry about melancholy. As long as your heart is reaching for His, you share in His love.