Sunday, August 16, 2009

the worst ones are those who profess to be ordinary Catholics...

"...they surprise you with what seems to be a genuine tolerance and a sense of humor. They obey the Church's teachings , but have a strange way of looking beyond it...they seem to have integrated religion with every aspect of their life, they are not necessarily very pious, in fact they appear to be very ordinary... they do not take themselves too seriously. This unpleasant trait looks like ordinary happiness, but it runs deeper in them. It is marked by a certain freedom and sense of humor."
Excerpt: Gargoyle Code by Fr. Logenecker.


... it is so unproductive to be a pompous papist, after a time even your staunch counterparts begin to bore of you. There is so much in blog's archives that can attest to that... the pomposity being on my part. I often wonder, in blog's infancy, how many people I have offended ... I think I still offend now, but for different reasons. My sublime silliness has been confused for irreverence one many occasions.

But really, what is cynicism but pessimism with a punch line; superfluous criticism dressed up as a witty retort. That is not true humor, humor with joy. True joy is infectious and hearty. True joy keeps your spirits light when your shoulders are heavy.

I hope blog makes you smile.


Fr. Daren J. Zehnle said...

It always makes me smile. The pictures you dig up are great!

CM said...

It does! :)

RJW said...

Your blog is one of the greatest! It's one of my must reads everyday. Keep it uo and God Bless

q7swallows+3 said...

Carolina, I laugh even *before* your blog downloads onto my phone/computer! And I send links to your site to friends who need a morale boost.

Sometimes even wordsmiths get tired of words and need (Catholic) art + humor + reverence + a touch of irreverence to plunge into! Thank you for providing that peculiarly refreshing combination!

It keeps some of us from going bat sh-- crazy!

Rich said...

I needed to read this today. I'm taking myself way to seriously.

Minkykat said...

This blog is one of the first places I check in the morning.

Lola said...

I love the "Why Catholics are Cooler", and the "Popery photos" on the side bar. (Beer and Cheers.) All your contests and the fine art.

Most of all I appreciate your good humor.

I think Fr. Rutler on 'Christ in the City' said that fanatics have no sense of humor.

God Bless you CC and I hope next August is actually a happy relief and surprisingly wonderful.

LarryD said...

Blog make me smile.

You rock!