Friday, August 21, 2009

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... A large group of parishioners of the Iglesia Catolica San Andres padlocked their pastor out of the church Sunday morning to protest his continued assignment to the Spanish-speaking Catholic community of Robeson County. In addition to the lock that had been bolted outside the side door, a sign on the glass read, "Iglesia Cerrada hasta que tengamos nuevo parroco. Justicia!!" That loosely translates to "Church closed until we have a new priest. Justice!"

The protesters, who numbered about 150, then swarmed around the priest, many of them holding signs. "We don't want a priest that mistreat(s) a community!" one poster said. They say he fails to embrace his Mexican parishioners, a flock of lower-income people who, in many cases, have made their way into this country illegally. They say he is aloof and sarcastic to them. They say he is not a man of the people.

As for Ospina, Julio Sanchez said, "He doesn't make time for us. All we want is a father who is for us. We never had problem(s) until he comes to us." source.

... are these people for effing real!? I can only imagine; what would Fr. Erik do?


Dymphna said...

This is what you get when you have ethnic parishes. The community becomes more important than the Mass.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody here say "Latin?"

Carolina Cannonball said...

excellent point Dymphna!

AlephGamma said...

This protest is the result of 1) years of bad catechesis - "We are Church", 2) pop-culture mantras about "feelings" being the summit of all reality and 3) just plain ignorance. Y'all aint Latinos in the strictest sense, "Si hoc leges potes"

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Nah Cat, the flamethrower might damage the church. This is how it would really go:

Protesters (actually Commie punks): You won't do what we want...waaahhhhh!
ME: Damm right, I do what the Church wants.
PACPs: We have locked the church until the bishop gives us a docile wimp who will kiss our _____.
ME: Locked the church eh? Acolyte Wiggles, bring forth the Holy Bolt Cutter of Antioch!

You get the point.

Laura said...

Three lovely Mexican women came into the store where I work yesterday. They were so indignant about this mess. They told me there are a lot of ethnic conflicts and hard feelings between various Latino communities - and that there are sometimes conflicts between Mexicans and other groups (like Colombians) -

They also told me that this pastor has three parishes to take care of - the main parish in Lumberton, and two missions. And all without a helper.

I rather expect Bishop Burbidge is on top of this one. Personally, I'd like to go give those "parishioners" you-know-what!

Snupnjake said...

The Polish Church here did the same thing...well it was over money, not community, but they locked the priests out. The parish board has been excommunicated....

Dino said...

Whether it is the usually good-natured barbs between Mexicans and Guatemalans, or deep-seated friction among people who share the same language if not dialect, thre are cultural differences, some striking.

The press has not been particularly enlightening on the issues or percieved issues in this.

The thing that seems to be most prominently discussed is those of Mexican heritage and their immigration status, which should be a non-issue at Mass. Why is it, whenever people with Spanish surnames are involved in a protest are they are labeled "illegal aliens" and charges that they pay no taxes hurled? Both are inaccurate. Some Hispanics have lived in and been citizens of the United States for generations.

Taxes: I have never seen a Latino waived on paying sales, vehicle, and other taxes of this kind.

Undoucmented persons of any ethnicity working in the US and using a phony Social Security number has taxes withheld from his pay, and because his number is no good, cannot get any of it refunded, thus adding to the dwindlig Social Securty fund and to the federal and state budgets.

My Mexican neighbors and I (Cherokee in a "strange land") have no problem with the EF, which it is reported the pastor celebrated. Spanish being a daughter language of Latin makes it easy.

Until we know more, it would seembest to stand with the bisop and the pastor in this Year of the Priest.

Carolina Cannonball said...

Dino, my beef was with the gall of the self serving parishioners who care not that their priest is also serving two other parishes. They seem to feel the man is there to solely serve them and make them feel welcome. That's what happens when ethnic churches make the mass about "community" and not about Jesus.

There immigration status is a non-issue to me. It's there sense of entitlement that is hellish.

Carolina Cannonball said...

"their" not "there".