Friday, September 04, 2009

obama's address to students...

... an effortless google search on the subject will reveal that many parents across the US are not happy about this event taking place in our nation's public schools. What are your thoughts...

Are your children going to participate in Obama's address to students on Tuesday the 8th?
No, my child is in private school and this does not apply
No, my children are home schooled and this does not apply
No, my child's school does not have the funding to host the address
No, my child will be opting out but still attending school that day
No, my child is being kept home from school that day
Yes, my child will be hearing the address. It is an important event.
Yes, I don't think it's that big of a deal.
I am indifferent. free polls


mojo said...

How about: my children go to a school where they will be individually free to choose whether or not they watch the President's 'address' - or anything else, for that matter - on their own. And, the older ones, having read Orwell, may just watch it for the sheer joy of hearing high-level doublespeak handled a glib master.

Pardon my bitter tone - I'm a little out of sorts today. But the very idea that a president would presume to speak over parent's heads to a captive audience of children - well. Just, well.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

This is silly. I think most presidents in modern times have at at one point or another addressed school children. Bush was in a classroom when he got the news of the September 11 attacks. I am no fan of Obama but this is just posturing by people trying to score political points.

The White House has given assurances that the president's address is not going to be political. If that is not sufficient then it begs the question "why was it OK for all the other presidents to address school kids but not Obama?"

I am really growing tired of the extremists who are increasingly dominating the conservative side of the political discourse in our country. If the best we can do in response to Obama is whine about him delivering a speech to students encouraging hard work and staying in school then we are in deep trouble.

Bill Buckley must be rolling in his grave.


RJW said...

My kids will see it if its shown and then we will discuss it later. I think it is great for ANY president to care about and address school children. I also realize that any speech will reflect the speaker's values, liberal or conservative. My only problem is the lengths this president seems willing to go to force his ideology. It isn't an extremist position to disagree with the president's espoused values. It seems that anyone who doesn't agree with President Obama is a racist, right wing extremist or domestic terrorist. At least that seems to be the message coming from high ranking government officials. Ironic that five years ago Hillary Clinton said it was "our right and our duty to speak out against this administration or any administration" when we believed they were wrong.

Smiley said...

Im Canadian heheheh :)

John (Ad Orientem) said...

I am glad you are taking that approach. My problem with the criticism of the administration is that its being dominated by people who don't think Obama is really a US citizen, people carrying guns to presidential speeches and protests, and others organizing armed "militias" and talking about secession.

Recent conservatives has been way too craven in speaking out against the lunatic fringe. Some of these people remind me of the John Birch Society and its paranoid conspiracy theories.

Under the mercy

shussong said...

I remember being a senior in High School (public high school in CA) when President Reagan was was announced by our principal over the public address system. We then had a few moments of silence to keep in our thoughts and prayers the health and welfare of OUR President...we also had American flags in our classrooms, said the Pledge of Allegiance each morning, and had pictures of OUR President and OUR Governor in our classrooms. Patriotism was alive and well. And that wasn't THAT long ago...

I too think it is GREAT that the President is speaking to our young people, especially if the topic is education and staying in school, or taking the hard subjects to be the next scientists and leaders of tomorrow. I personally am getting rather tired of the blatant disrespect shown to OUR President, OUR elected leaders, and to our country by members of various media and religious groups who abuse their freedom to speak to promote their narrow personal agenda, distort facts into half-truths and babble to confuse the common man, and grind the axe.

I understand that many folks are unhappy for various reasons with the current political leaders. However, they should be extended the courtesty and respect due to their office, and any personal disagreement with them should be handled politely and courteously in a spirit of lively debate, not mud slinging, hate-mail or mob-style town hall meetings that seem to been the status quo...

And the funny thing is..that the same folks that I see jumping up and down screaming and yelling about how HORRIBLE everything is...well ya know..I don't see them in Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, or saying the Rosary before the Tabernacle or before or after Mass for conversion of our government leaders...that is where the REAL work is to be done...

Peace.. Sara

laurazim said...

Wow, John. I don't know people doing the stuff you seem to think they are, yet many of the people I know (that would include me) are critical of this president because they don't agree with his policies and the way he is attempting to implement things that the people of this country do not want. Yes, President Bush was in a classroom when 9/11 came down--he was in ONE classroom, talking to two dozen children, and I bet the parents of those kids knew he was coming and what book he was going to read. Not the same thing. And if the White House has said that this speech is not going to be political, then I'm betting it will be. This administration has done the opposite of everything it's said it would. The problem here is not that a president wants to address students. It's that he wants a captive audience, without parents, with union teacher in place to do as they're told. Had any other president tried it this way, there would have been the same reaction.

Sara, that's a lot of assuming. My family--and most families in our parish--are scheduled adorers in our parish at Perpetual Adoration. We meet for the Rosary before Mass, stick around to pray after Mass, and spend time in study and prayer for our leaders, no matter their party or agenda.


I don't think this speech is a good idea for lots of reasons. When news events, tragedies, whatever, happen, it's not predictable. I remember when Challenger exploded, and the student body of our Catholic grade school filed into the gym so that we could watch a bit of news coverage. But it was news, not a speech. I think one of the things that has people's undies in a bundle here is that everyone knows that this thing is coming up, yet no one can seem to get their hands on a transcript. If it's a prescribed speech, why not let parents take a peek at a paragraph or two and see what the rukus is about? If it's truly no big deal, then why all the posturing ahead of time?

The other thing is, I've heard many people ask about allowing students into the classroom with teachers for the entire day, with no way to know what the teachers are saying, etc. Yes, but they are teaching material from texts. There are ad lib discussions, but not like this. This kind of thing, where many districts are saying that students cannot be excused or opt out, nor can parents attend with their children, is a direct violation of the rights of parents to know what their children are being taught. Teachers are not hired to push an agenda, and when they do get too personal, they are admonished for it.

If Obama wants to address school children, let him do it in a nationally televised speech during prime time so that families can choose to watch it together--or not--and discuss it as necessary. This captive audience thing is wrong.

Thank God we home school our kids. We'll be at Mass that day anyway, celebrating the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. That's what should be marking September 8th as an important day. (Don't worry--we'll be sure to offer our prayers for the president, and for all of the children who will be listening to him...)

The Cellarer said...

Well, as what happens 'over there' usually ends up 'over here', it's a bit worrying. Still, at least our kids didn't have to listen to Blair if it does happen here. When will his local Bishop tell him and Cherie to put a sock in it?

Carolina Cannonball said...

"the problem here is not that a president wants to address students. It's that he wants a captive audience, without parents, with union teachers in place to do as they're told."

I didn't get a chance to post more thoughts on this matter due to time constraints but I am not allowing my son to hear the address. He will be staying home that day.

How many 15-18 year old students are in the public school system... 20 million. Those 15 year olds will be 18 just in time for the 2012 election.

When will the "campaign" end?

MamaMidwife said...


I love you.
Spot on.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Word verification: "gonap"

Enough said. Go nap.

Hamster said...

I am worried about my child listening to the words of Obama too.
But I haven't figured out how to block that man from appearing on my TV screen.
It's hard to monitor the TV all the time. How are other's doing this?
Do you sit there and watch the tv with the remote in your hand? Then switch channels whenever his image appears. It would be nice if they had some kind of warning like they do for movies with sex and violence. Maybe "The following newscasts contains images of Barack Obama that may be objectionable. Viewer discretion is advised."

But my kids have their own TV set in their room. How can I make sure they aren't viewing images of Obama on some news program or a public service announcement while I'm not there to censor that man? Can you imagine what my kids might end up doing to each other...alone.... with that man in their room...taking control of their minds and telling them to do all sorts of unspeakable things? Heaven help us all!
I could just pull the TV out of their room. But they need it for their Grand Theft Auto video game. Why can't they invent some device that would automatically detect and censor out Obama every time his image appears. Wouldn't that be a blessing?
What really worries me is when my kids go over to their friends houses. What if their friends' parents are not monitoring the TV and the kids secretly watch that man on the news. Worse yet, what if their parents are part of that perverse Socialist liberal cabal who actually allow their own children to watch and listen to that horrible man. No telling what they let their kids porn movies ..or maybe....(gasp) Obama's inaugural speech . How disgusting!

HoyaGirl, said...

Our option wasn't in the poll. School starts for us on Tuesday, so it's obviously going to be a buys day. Our son's school is not showing it, but is downloading it to be shown as each teacher's discretion later and only with parent notification. Our daughter's school is downloading it and showing it in all classes on Wednesday. We're going to watch the video when it's released publicly on Monday and decide whether she'll be opting out.

We really have no issue with the kids hearing what he has to say if it really is just a video promoting education and doing your best. We're a suspicious lot here, and we think there's probably more to it though. Guess we're just going to have to pray and to use our best judgment!

Carolina Cannonball said...


I know we probably sound absolutely bat shit crazy to you. I would think the same thing too... what a bunch of paranoid whack jobs.

But one doesn't have to look farther than Van Jones and the rest of his hand picked administration to know where obama's agenda for this nation lies.

I obviously have no objection to his message of staying in school.

My objection is to how children who have opted out have been ostracized as racists by their peers. If you listen to news sources other then the typically liberal biased one, you are aware of the reports of teachers subjecting their students to polls and shows of hands... children are being singled out. This is not acceptable at all.

Eradication of all dissent is a bench mark of communism. Also a bench mark, polarizing the youth.

Adrienne said...

A caller on the Bill Cunningham radio program this evening said...

"If the little boy next door hung around with thugs and other questionable people, I wouldn't allow my little boy to play with him. Sums it up nicely!

Mary Ellen said...

Thank goodness my kids are out of the public school system now...grown and all but one left in college so I don't have to deal with this stuff anymore. Personally, I think the schools should leave it as an option to watch it, which most of them are doing. However, I did hear that a school district in FL is making it mandatory for all children to watch it and if they don't, they will be given an unexcused absence and forced to watch it when they return. That's way over the top, IMO.

I also read on another blog that the Dems went on a rampage when Bush was going to send a video speech to the school children. There was a video (or text, I can't remember) of Dick Gephart railing about how Bush would "dare" to infiltrate the school system give a speech for political reasons. The hypocrisy is knee deep these days, isn't it?

Great blog...I've been peeking but never left a comment. If you make comments mandatory, however, I may not return. (just a lame joke...sorry.) ;-)

Terry Nelson said...

No offense, but this issue was hysterical - and funny too.

Hannah said...

Obviously Communism brain-washing. Jusy like when Reagan did it in 1988.