Friday, September 18, 2009


... who in the flying hell decided "Hey, I know what makes a great teaching tool... Jesus puppets! Yeah, that's it".

I must have missed the memo about puppets, Sacrosanctum Absurdiam. Everything that comes from the Spirit of Vat II is in there... at least that is what Fr. Sticha informs me.

Not only am I going to be home schooling the The Boy on matters of faith, in lieu of my church's formation program... I am will not be using the books they provided. No offense to those who use the Sadlier We Believe program, but I am going with the Faith and Life and St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism series instead.

Of course I have no objection to puppets, paper bag apostle craft projects and songs sung to the tune of London Bridge. I am not claiming these activities are inherently evil and soul corrupting, they are just more suited for bible camp, not as a sole source for teaching the tenets of faith.



RJW said...

We use Faith & Life at Saint James the Just. It is a very good program. Good luck with "The Boy".

Beccy said...

The program your parish uses looks like typical post-Vatican II insanity. I don't blame you for pulling your son out!

Lee Gilbert said...

I don't know how thrilled the boy is about studying catechism, or whether this would work for anyone else, but in semi-homeschooling our kids in the faith we made an interesting discovery.

We had an evening program of reading the Chronicles of Narnia, for example, and a life of a saint, and about 20 minutes of catechism. We put catechism first, since it was most important, but it made the kids very restive since they wanted to get into the next chapter of Narnia.

One evening we skipped catechism because we thought we had been overdoing it and jumped right into Narnia and then the life of the saint. We didn't want to make learning about the faith onerous and obnoxious.

Anyway nine o'clock came around and I said, "Time for bed, kids!"

Then I heard the words that shocked me to the core-

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, can't we please, please, please stay up and study catechism?"

I thought they were putting me on!

But no, anything to stay up late, even study catechism! So that's how catechism came to be last. It got to be a ploy with me, so that I frequently had them begging to study catechism :)

And like you we used the Baltimore Catechism.

We also undertook this because the preparation for communion was so bad at the parish school. The other shocking discovery was that when my 6 yr old son learned, among other things, twenty six questions and answers about the Mass as a sacrifice, so did his 4 yr old sister who was listening in on all these sessions.

Incredible. She is now a Carmelite nun, btw, and I am sure there is a relationship between those evenings and that vocation. I do my nun gazing through a grill now, and never see my daughter unless she is divided into little squares, but it's wonderful nonetheless.

Catholic Family Evenings Together. Think of the possibilities...

Anyway Caroline Cannonball, your trajectory is spot on.

Richard Truman Michael said...

I am teaching Confirmation this year at my parish and the books they gave me to teach from are a joke so I am teaching from the Baltimore Catechist too.

Elizabeth said...

As a product of 8 years of Catholic Schooling...I homeschool my kids with the Baltimore Catechism...AMAZING how much I have learned!
Good for you. Enjoy.

Ellyn said...

The Boy is very lucky to have you as The Mom!

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

I would never use a Sadlier program EVER! They are aweful.

Diego said...

It is like "Not said by Jesus" or "LOL Saints". Disrespectful, irreverent.

Adrienne said...

May I suggest some memorization? It good for brain development and trust me, those of us that memorized our catechism can still spit out the answers 56 years later.

In order to have a more advanced theological discussion when he become older, he first must know for example the definition of a sacrament. (Outward sign, instituted by Christ, to give grace)

When I was still teaching 7th - 12th graders, not one of them could give me a definition of the most basic of Catholic teachings which allows for no starting point in more advanced theology.

They have to memorize rules of grammar, math, and history, but some idiot decided that was silly and counter productive for their faith. Sad!

Adrienne said...

Ok - I just re-read that. Put in all appropriate commas and missing letters....